When the 2024 Sierra EV arrives to complement the massive over the top Hummer EV pickup, the Sierra is meant to be a more utilitarian choice and like its gasoline stablemate, it shares much with its Chevrolet badged sibling, the Silverado EV s, everything we know about the new Gmc, electric truck, but before we get into more details, we would like to remind you that there is a fun bonus fact for you towards the end of this video, so stay with us. Gmc has introduced the Sierra EV in four trims elevation, at4, Denali and Denali Edition 1.. Each comes with Visual and functional differences, targeting different types of customers. Production of the GMC Sierra EV will take place alongside the Hummer EB models at the factory zero Detroit Hamtramck assembly. In Michigan, Factory 0 is a facility, GM repurposed and retooled. With a 2.2 billion dollar investment for Ev production, the GMC Sierra EV will start arriving at dealerships in early 2024, starting with the Denali Edition 1 trim. The Denali trim will follow in Spring 2024. The lower at4 and elevation trims will join in late 2024 and early 2025 respectively, which means theyll most likely be part of the 2025 GMC Sierra EV prices of the GMC Sierra EV start around 50 000 plus 1 695 DFC in the Denali Edition. One trim, which is the first in the launch, order the new GMC electric truck costs, 107 thousand dollars, plus 1 695 DFC GMC, will retail the Sierra EV in multiple performance and range configurations.

The 800 volt Altium battery pack of the 2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 delivers a range of 400 miles. Gmc has employed two Motors one on each axle, which produce 754 horsepower and 785 pound feet of torque in a max power mode. A 0 to 60 mile per hour Sprint with the max power mode, enabled takes just 4.5 seconds. All these figures are company estimates. In addition to max power, the driver can choose from standard tow haul off road and my mode driving modes. Regenerative braking with adjustable strength and one pedal driving are available in the Sierra EV. A rear wheel steering system reduces the Turning Circle and improves maneuverability its standard on the at4 and Denali Edition 1 Trims and optional on the elevation and Denali trims. The 2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 offers a payload capacity of 1 300 pounds and a towing capacity of 9500 pounds like the Hummer EV pickup. The Sierra EV has a crab walk function that allows diagonal movement of the vehicle, which can be useful in tricky off road situations. Crab walk is standard in the at4 Denali and Denali Edition 1 trims 24 inch wheels with 35 inch tires are standard in Denali Edition 1 and optional in Denali, which has 22 inch Wheels with 33 inch tires as standard elevation settles for 18 inch wheels with 33 Inch tires, while at4 Sports 18 inch wheels with larger 35 inch tires and offers two additional inches of ground clearance.

The interior of the GMC electric truck is visibly a class above the gas and diesel powered models. The dashboard is comparatively sleeker and the Slender AC vents splitting its width into two is a neat touch. The driver wont be fiddling through buttons for climate and infotainment controls in the Sierra electric, as GMC designers have integrated most controls into a huge portrait touch screen that measures 16.8 inches diagonally. Thankfully, the infotainment system does have a physical volume knob, similarly integrated into the touch screen to the Ford F, 150 lightnings infotainment. The 11 inch fully digital instrument cluster complements the expansive touchscreen in the cockpit area. All four trims include these screens, which greet the driver with special 3D graphics theres. Also, a multi color head up display that projects information on an area measuring 14 inches diagonally. However, we are yet to know if all trims include this feature. A panoramic fixed glass roof provides the occupants with an open air, Ambiance, expansive visibility and increased Headroom. The glass is tinted and features UV and IR Coatings to help keep the cabin comfortable. The Denali Edition 1 trim includes open, pour wood trim on the center console for a premium feel the center console has seven tiers of storage, making the maximum utilization of the space freed from the omission of a transmission tunnel instead of a new type of silhouette. Like the Tesla cyber truck, the GMC electric truck features a conventional shape, some Silverado EV that should make it appealing to all customers, though there are many visual differences between gas and diesel powered GMC models.

If you look closer at the front, GMC has used a Grille that replaces the air intake with a smoother surface. The company has come up with not one but three different Grille designs, a simple one for the elevation trim, a rugged pattern for the at4 and a clean nose for the Denali and Denali Edition 1 trims, functional grilles in the middle and lower sections of the face Serve the cooling needs of the powertrain and core components. The hood is set high and features two pronounced haunches, giving the Sierra EV a tough and confident look the front light concept. Isnt the conventional type, with just a set of normal headlamps and fog. Lamps GMC designers have integrated lights into the edges of the faux Grille. As well as the brand logo in the center, a tall seven shaped DRL, along with three horizontal ripped pattern, Light Elements plank the blanked off Grille. The two light modules positioned beside the mid level. Grille are the headlamps further below almost on the same horizontal axis. As the bottom Grille are a set of compact fog, lamps, the bumper design varies slightly as per the trim. The at4 trim gets a noticeably more rugged. Look with its two red tow hooks, giving it instant recognition even from a distance plus theres. Also, a bold red GMC logo on the faux upper grille on the sides. The Sierra EV has angular wheel, arches with Amber lights integrated into them. The wheels are almost conventional and dont scream EV, with excessive Arrow, covering at the rear, vertical combination.

Lamps feature a seven shaped light guide to match the drls at the front. Overall GMC has opted for an attention grabbing exterior, but with a clean and minimalist theme, The no frill Styling on the electric truck is nothing new to the world of EVS, but it is New Territory for GMC, especially when talking about the Denali trims, the 2024 Sierra Ev Denali Edition 1 is a crew cab. Only configuration with a 5 foot 11 inch cargo bed behind the cab. A multi pro midgate standard in Denali, Edition, 1 and optional in all other trims, allows expanding the available cargo length to nine feet. The wall dividing the cab and the bed is foldable folding it down along the rear seats, frees up plenty of extra storage, allowing customers to carry longer objects which is not possible in a traditional truck of this category. A multi pro tailgate with the load Stop open, expands the cargo length to 10 feet 10. Inches GMC includes this feature in all trims of the Sierra EV, with a gas engine not occupying the space under the hood, GMC has used the free area to offer extra storage space. This frunk, officially called e trunk, is a lockable and weatherproof storage compartment with two drains and 120 volt power outlet. It has enough space to fit a large, hard sided suitcase or three duffel bags. Thank you for staying with us throughout the video lovely viewers. Now lets get into the Promised bonus fact: GMC was given the task of manufacturing military vehicles during World War.

One GMC produced more than 10 000 military vehicles between 1917 and 1919.. Later on during World War II, GMC was given the task of producing military equipment, including the first mass produced amphibian trucks which trim.