Even how is the bounce infinity even electric scooter, whether you can buy this electric scooter or not? Lets watch this video in this complete review. Firstly, we already done a complete ride. Review about bounce Infinity, one electric scooter: if you want to watch the ride review about the electric scooter, how is the performance? How is the, how is it performing on irregular roads and water conditions, provide the link in the description below now? Let us talk about the bounce Infinity one electric scooter design. Maybe they have gone with something unique design. Actually, it is from 22 Motors. They have continued the same design. So for the 21st century users they will definitely like this electric scooter. People who go for a conventional scooter design, maybe they find it somewhere different from the previous electric scooter, especially the LED headlamp at the front point of front portion of the scooter. It looks definitely something unique in in terms of the design. Now let us talk about the front portion of this electric scooter. This scooter completely comes with LED, LED lights at the front part, and also build quality, is looking good. The premium feel you can get in the build quality. Is this electric scooter, and also this also comes with LED lights, and there is a friend mud guard also, and also the telescopic suspension for comfortable ride. Experience and 12 inch tubeless tires with disc braking system, so it actually comes with Combi brake system at the rear side.

Also, both both this, both the braking system controlled by Combi breaking and also there is a mud guard protection, ah which which can protect you from rain water as well and the rare side you get a pillion grab rail, the grab rail actually looking premium in terms Of the design and the feel it almost giving a competition for the petrol scooters as well and the rear side also, you can see the red LED lamp and it also looks futuristic in terms of design, and there is a mud guard at the protection element. Protection element: mud guard wise, its similar to Ampere Primus electric scooter above average kind of mud guard here, plastic wise now, the wheel size, you can say 12 inch, tubeless tire at the rear side. Also, and the braking system is a disc braking system and you can see, AXA is the ladies footrest is available and side foot packs also available is just one tap, you can you can open the foot packs also and the center stand and side side also comes With this scooter, its not like all electric scooter, where you have to pay for additional amount of money for the external accessories and the motor of the selected scooter comes with 1.5 kilowatt bldc Hub motor, which offers at opposite of 65 kilometer per hour and the suspension Wise you, you get dual spring suspension at the rear side for comfortable ride experience. Now, let us feel the feet of this Infinity, one: electric scooter, seat, wise, the foam and all more gives kind of Attraction for the person who is sitting on the electric scooter.

It is okay for medium and Tall Riders as well like you can see the there is a enough enough food space available. It is not touching to the front portion of the scooter so more for a comfortable Rider experience. You can get it just not just only for the average height usage, even for tall right users. Also, it is more comfortable for the infinity one electric scooter. Even the turn. Rights is also good. It is not touching to the legs, even if you are extending your legs, also not not an issue with the infinity one electric scooter and the ground clearance. Wise 155 millimeters of ground clearance is also available. Now I am going to open the boot space of the electric scooter for you. How is the boot space availability, so this is infinity even boot, space 12 liters of boot space. If you kept the charger here, the boot space will be completely drained out. For example, this is the charger comes with the infinity A1 electric scooter, 8.5 h of 8.5 amps charger with this charger. You can charge this electric scooter in four hours, but a point to be noted here. There is no additional charging connector for this electric scooter. You cannot charge this electric scooter directly. You can charge this only with detachable, for example, you just disconnect this connector then connect this point. Then you can charge from a three pin plug. There is no way you can directly charge this electric scooter.

There is no external charging connector point, but anyway this is a detachable battery pack, 48 volt 1.9 kilowatt hour lithium and battery pack, which offers 85 kilometers of range in the Eco Mode. Now, coming to the switches, the left side, there is a LED headlamp switch and there is a reverse modes, which are the front part and side light indicator. Switches and Horn is also here and the right side you can see. This is the reverse mode. If you want to open on the Traverse mode or cruise control, you need to press this remote button first, and this is the right mode options. These buttons are power, Echo and track mode, and this is the power button to on this scooter. You need to press this button once the lower part. You can see the key here and the hook also available at the under this dashboard, but surprisingly, bounce infinity, even doesnt, comes with any kind of boot space at the front part. You cannot keep your mobile phone or not. Even a USB rocket is not provided for mobile charging. Now lets see the LCD display of infinity E1, the dashboard wise. It is bright and clear, even in the afternoon time or nighttime. Also, you can see speed percentage here. Modes, different modes right now it is in eco mode. You can toggle it power mode also, when you are changing the modes. The range also varies, eco mode 23. Kilometers is showing here where the power mode is showing 18 kilometers and the odometer is showing 2.

3 kilometers of range. So, overall the soc charge charging station is also showing here it can be connected with the mobile app. Where you can see the charging percent indicator that kind of details you can see from the mobile app. Also, I already done a complete review on this Infinity. One electric scooter I had done the test ride review, which we already posted in KCM blocks Channel. You can watch that for a complete ride, review in different road conditions. Now, after riding this electric scooter here are the good things and the Improvement things about Infinity One. The good part about this electric scooter is the handling very much convenient to handling, and it is good for height wise also, it is more suitable for tall Riders and average height users. Also, it is preferable, and the next thing its about the braking system front end disc, brake with Combi breaking system is excellent. It is instantly stopping the scooter that is also good and it, and it is steady even in the fast like so 65 gigabits top speed. Also, the scooter is steady, its not like shaking that point of that point of time. Even the suspension feel is also pretty good in this electric scooter. These are some of the positive points about this scooter but Improvement side. There is no kind of boot space from the front portion of the side. The rear side is occupying by the charger itself. We cannot charge your mobile phone in terms of energy emergency purposes and the next thing I think this is not the kind of big Improvement, but when youre riding the scooter for if I hit it off speed a 65 kph.

But when I suddenly slow down the top speed like going up to 15 kilometer per hour, then I try to throttle up then youre, taking some little bit of time. That is one thing one one thing I am unable to understand, maybe its because of the bldc Hub motor point of view Im not sure about that. Maybe if I ride this Cuda for like two to three weeks then I can get to I, then I am able to answer those questions as well and also at the footboard space when you are riding up to like 40 50k best off speed. There is kind of small kind of shake is happening like a kind of a sound is coming from the football space. That point of I am unable to observe it more closely, maybe in the overall after one month or two months, if you started using the scooter more often, then I will able to answer to that questions. Also, these are some of the minor improvements I have observed in this Infinity. One electric scooter overall in in terms of pricing. The price of this electric scooter is 80 000 rupees extra room price, whereas the on road price is goes up to 1 lakh rupees and the battery pack warranty is three years three years of warranty. They are providing by bounce Infinity, electric scooter and Battery swiping stations. Also available company set, but only in Bengaluru there is a swap stations available remaining States.

Ah, I think they are still under construction. Not most of the users are complaining about the battery swiping stations, maybe theyre going to construct that in the next couple of months as well. We need to wait and watch now comparison wise. If you see even this, electric scooter can be a competitor for ampere, primers, ampere, Magnus CX in terms of price point of view, especially price point of view, you can consider competitor for ampere Magnus ex 2023 model, also Ola S1. Also, why not you can we cant? Consider it even Wireless one comes with many smart features, but it does satisfy with whatever the performance. The build quality is pretty good. Maybe it can compete in terms of build quality and even with a small battery pack. It is. It is giving good amount of range 85 kilometers of range similar to Ola S1, which can offers up to 100 kilometers of range in the ECO mode, so in terms of hero, electric also hero electric having you can get dual battery pack scooter from hero Electric. In terms of the pricing with a one lakh pricing around like one lakh 10 000, they can get dual battery pack from hero Optima, but that hero Optima gets top speed of 45 kbps. But this electric scooter will offer 65 kilometer per hour top speed. So, overall, if your consideration is like affordable pricing under 1, lakh rupees and also you need a battery swapping station and and also you need a swappable battery pack, also good build quality.

Then these are your prime factors. Purchasing an electric scooter go for test riding this infinity, even electric scooter watch customer reviews and also watch reviews in our Channel. Then you can decide whether you can go for owns infinity even or not thats a complete review of Bounce Infinity, one electric scooter. If you are an electric vehicle owner willing to share your ownership review with us, please WhatsApp your details to the number shown on the screen, or else fill the form Link in the description below. If you like this video, please like share and subscribe to EV bro for automobile videos, please subscribe to MBS, Auto charge.