So it tells us as easy 3D logo, and it is badge and running dear also. A vehicle is Applause, Apollo, tires or maximum uh 175 by 65, R14, so 14 inch tire and the shop objects, Applause on the foreign Music, foreign, vocal for local and it is stylish indicatorism Music log unlock unlock EV, badging 3D Tata logo, battery company sensors, backside Music. So the top end model is Applause, Music, foreign power window controls and the unlock system and files left right. So since we have the key on this system break me, the quality drive mode. So, in the push start button on the SE auto AC house, I will close this audio and you can feel that uh, air or AC went a cool temperature recorded Applause, temperature, 19.5 degrees Celsius, Antelope blue car details, coverism digital beater, so 100 charged 134 kilometer range. Obviously so, with the vehicle heavy loaded, average 100 134 kilometers range neutral on the board changes almost 81 kilometers driven Sports area. The lights safety belt is charging points, tutorial amount of files, but yeah sun, visor or sun, shade driving seat, louder, glasses, mirror and passengers and its covered with airbag, so almost bs6 models today, airbag symbol and the 3D logo of Tata and Monaco steering lineage cruise control And easy cruise control, so Ive got minimum speed is disconnect or receive foreign lights. Music, where you can, you know, store something: a small wallet around foreign and Easy Digital display and touch screen, display, Android, auto Apple carplay, radio, Bluetooth, sound demo, India, travel, music Applause like Music Applause ready.

Thank you, Music, foreign Applause, Music, Music, reverse Lacy, so it is neutral, drive mode under front Sports Center Sports mode, our entire reverse mode, sports mode, Music. So the reverse mode. Only Monaco camera reverse camera Nano. So it will suggest you with the lines where you can take. Anti sensors already beat this and entered dont go foreign Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, so break is important in the EV IL I I have control through Center, locking but still Im suggesting use the normal brake when you are in traffic. All leather seats top end. No clutch and the seat adjustment just call a front and back until front and back seat and envelope, Music up and down adjustments, settings foreign, Music Applause. I can feel it Comfort out of distance. Is there Applause and grip and water bottle, see the hand grip, maladi, Chrome, Twitter, speaker easy to both for you options, Applause with two cup holders, so the complete coverage press point and color, nothing else so back to Institute, so the complete uh console on the front Dashboard with steering touchscreen and dial ysis dial, mostly Music, charging points where you can charge at home, normal DC charger, eight hours slow, full charge.