They decided to launch their first model here. The bydato3, the Octo 3, is a compact SUV, thats completely electric perfect. For those who are looking for an eco friendly option and due to its price point, the Auto 3 might be the first electric vehicle that Malaysians would experience with that. Welcome back to for another review, video this time around Ill, be taking a closer look at the byd auto 3 and see if you should consider buying this as your first EV Music from the outside. The other tree is not really an eye catching vehicle. It has a generic look that blends in with other cars on the road. However, upon closer inspection, youll notice some interesting details, the Auto 3 did come with a rather bulbous body that made its 18 inch rims look small moving to the front youll notice, the sharp looking headlights. They are linked up with a light bar, which is a feature thats becoming increasingly common in the EV industry. The headlights are full LED, providing bright and efficient lighting for nighttime driving, plus they come equipped with adaptive high beams, providing the driver with better visibility in Darker areas automatically at the back is design is reminiscent of the Mercedes eqa, with full, LED tail lights and a Light bar that dominates the rear of the vehicle on top of the rear light bar youll find to build your dream tagline, instead of just a byd badge, while the back of the Auto 3 features sequential turn signals, the front has a more traditional flashing indicators, but Thats not all to complete the look of the Auto 3.

It comes with aerodynamically designed 18 inch rims that are wrapped in 2155r18 tires from China, foreign Music. The interior of the auto tree may be fancy to some, but its, not my cup of tea. The numerous curls make the interior look a little too messy, even though its a fairly minimalist interior. On top of that, the color coordination inside the auto tree isnt my Preferred Choice. If you are like me, you may prefer darker colored interior in terms of fit and finish. Some of the soft touch materials were placed in the right location, but others were not up to par with what I would expect from unless you V that cost close to 170 000 ringgit. The centerpiece of this SUVs dashboard is the massive 12.8 inch infotainment screen and get this it can rotate from landscape to portrait mode while its a nice gimmick to have. I think most people will just live in landscape mode and use it apple. Carplay is available, but unfortunately, Android auto is not yet available for this infotainment screen. This means that for me, the screen is pretty redundant. When I drive one thing that Ive noticed for the Auto 3 is that byd has included most of its in car settings into the infotainment screen. This means that the dashboard is not flooded with buttons. Okay, lets take a look at the infotainment system. As you can see, this is a typical Android system. If you ever use an Android, smartphone youre, probably very familiar with this system.

If you go into the menu, you can see. Apple carplay is available here already, but not Android, auto inside here you can find a 360 camera. It allows you to look everywhere, Music or you can go into a 3D 3D mode. We can flip around Music. Then this is to see a transparent vehicle. Apart from that, you can use your Adas camera and turn it into a video recorder. There you go, you can even take a picture if you want to or record this Music. Apart from that, we go into settings here. You can see internet audio, display software apps and more and you go into detailer. This is where you adjust the driver assistant system setting, and here you can see the charging and consumption levels, and this is the vehicle settings coming back to the climate control. Lets. Look at the climate control. If you enter the climate control itself, you can see it will show you, the temperature, the fan speed and what I find interesting about this car is air purification. It will show you the inside air quality and outside air quality. Very interesting. Additionally, for those who love to listen to music while driving the infotainment system is hooked up to a decent, sound system, so you can enjoy your favorite Tunes in high quality and for the air convents, the location of the center at convents arent in the most optimal Position during the first day of driving, I hardly felt any air conditioned air blowing at me, making it uncomfortable to drive under the hot sun, measured in at 5 inch.

The instrument cluster is fixed onto the steering column. While it provides a wealth of information. I found it a little too small for such a huge vehicle, its pretty hard to read if you just want to have a quick glance, and there is too much information to sift through on such a small screen. Apart from that, I find that the gear lever is a bit unusual. It looks like the handle of the shovel, but in terms of usage, its pretty straightforward and speaking of convenience. The Auto 3 comes with USB a and USBC charging Point, both at the front and the rear of the vehicle. So you can charge your devices on the go wherever you are sitting, but byd doesnt just stop. There theyve also added a wireless charging pad, and this gives drivers an additional charging solution to keep their devices charged up on the go getting into the drivers seat. The sitting position is comfortable, but its on the taller side. However, when compared to the x70, the auto 3s driving position is much better. Moving to the rear seats, youll find that its quite a comfortable place to be you get good Headroom and a generous amount of living room plus with a flat floor. Three passengers can get comfortable at the back as well. Behind the rear seats, the auto tree comes with a 440 liter boot space, which can be expanded to 1 340 meters with the rear seats further down, and if you are worried about the height of the tailgate.

Opening dont be byd gave owners the ability to choose the height of the tailgate opening, which allows the tailgate to be open in a lower roof car park without hitting the ceiling. The Auto 3 is powered by a single electric motor located at the front, with power sent directly to the front wheels. The Auto 3 is equipped with a 60.48 kilowatt hour battery, providing the electric motor with Amber power. This battery size gives the Auto 3 a theoretical range of 480 kilometer should be quite suitable for long distance travel lets. Take a look at the performance figure for this Powertrain Music. The Auto 3 instant Torque from its electric motor allows it to effortlessly pick up speed. Just like any other EVS out there, but what is impressive about this powertrain is its Energy Efficiency, in fact its the most efficient EV that Ive tested so far, I managed to achieve an average power consumption figure of 16.9 kilowatt per 100 kilometer Music foreign. I saw a maximum charging speed of 87 kilowatt while using the 180 kilowatt DC fast charger on a full charge. The instrument cluster shows an optimistic range of 470 kilometers. However, I expect estimated range on the full charge would only turn out to be about 400 to 420 kilometers when it comes to handling the Auto 3 has a fairly direct steering, but the steering wheel is lacking in field. However, the vehicle is still stable when taking corners, but the real standout corrector of the Auto 3 is the way it rides over bumps and uneven roads.

The suspension is soft, making it feel like the top half and the bottom half of the vehicle are separated even when driving over yellow strips and broken roads. The road imperfection badly reached the cabin. This suspension is perfect for anyone who values Comfort over handling, but with such a soft suspension, there is noticeable body roll when taking Corners at higher speed. So if spirited driving is your thing, you may want to consider a different option. As for the brakes, the auto tree has decent physical brakes to get the job done, but theres a catch. The regenerative brakes which recharge the EVS battery when you brake arent very powerful when the other tree goes into eco mode. You wont even feel it functioning at all. This is maybe byp wanted to prevent the car from slowing down too much. When you take your foot off the accelerator, so they set up the ECO mode to work that way when it comes to safety and Driver assistance systems, the Auto 3 has you covered. It comes with a comprehensive list of safety and Driver assistance systems to make sure that you are safe on the road heres the list of safety and Driver assistance systems available on the auto 3. Music Music. If you are looking for your first electric vehicle to get you from point A to point B, the Auto 3 might be one of the vehicle that you can consider with a price tag of 168 000 Ringgit.

The Auto 3 is quite an accomplished product on paper. However, while the other tree is comfortable, its not necessarily the most exciting vehicle to drive and personally, the Auto 3 is not a vehicle that I will consider buying, but dont. Let that stop you from giving the Auto 3 a try as a new player in the market. Reliability is still something that I did not have. The answer for regarding this vehicle hope you enjoyed this review. Please kindly leave a like And subscribe to this YouTube channel for more future review video. If you would like to find out more about the byd Auto 3 feel free to head on over to our website for more information.