76 seconds and practical car then Dimensions wheel, aerodynamic parametric Designated location, foreign Top Notch, looking at the steering ergonomically designed steering wheel with flat bottom two spoke and uh controls steering wheel, Point route, few switches like electric parking, brake, Auto hold with One Touch button: AC vents neatly designed and premium console switcher security 12.3 inch infotainment With navigation, Alexa and Google Voice Assistant Mario connected car tech features through my Hyundai Blue Link in your accessories. Unfortunately, the display on the car battery engine good space utilization and dead pedal space and accelerator brake juice, color sporting, good designs, USB ports, wireless connections with light from the drivers side, which is uh very good and passenger side, could obviously with light foreign and drive modes And audio controls on steering mirror Roti type, shifter steering easy operation time, but easy to use and premium. Eight speaker Bose sound system, each other Crash Pad door trim, paints fabric seat back and dough. Armrests are made of recycled bottles, leather seats, oil under flaxseed oil, very eco, friendly power adjustment, seats with Lumber, support and front relaxation driver and passenger and memory seat, configuration ventilated and heat seats. A good feature, foreign and lets go to the back seat and check how it looks and space very neatly, finished, touch points and very premium buttons. A sliding rear seats with the manual reclining and then um very premium finish. Foreign lets go, but he thinks I want to ask one is like: are you providing any kind of critical to my interests me? This is the socket itself.

Has that external Outlet? It is an external device, you have to fit in, that will be broken and the second thing is: is there any cutoff, like suppose you know the regular part, we are parties, one party we dont know where to stop uh, understood yeah. So will this car also? How are you going to expand? Explain? Okay, as of now, we are in India passages through them, so that would be okay, absolutely so, which is going to give any kind of substance, yes sufficient to support the car, whatever the user. Is there the customers who want to have some support, so that is the support. Thank you. So much guys.