This version is the xc40 recharge, pure electric p8 ultimate Volvo New Zealands other pure electric model is the C40 recharge from the front. Looks like a Volvo youve got the blocked out. Grille matches the rest, color of the rest of the car camera sensor. There got your Volvo fog lights, four of hammer LED lights, so Ive got the Frank, its quite nice, Music, little water isnt that much to check, because if youre uh not mechanical, like me, this is the kind of thing you want to see. Just this and theres the cover to open up video and leaders of space there, so theyre massive, but quite handy and underneath youve got your uh car repair kit, which often you see in the boot of a car. The side view I just describe it as nice. Clean smooth lines and the slightly nice indent here a little bit of variation, two tone: color got your black up there, and this is the White and the light to say looks like a compact SUV, but 20 inch alloy wheels on this model. The version down has 19 inch recharge points, then moving into this classic Volvo shape rear light with the spoiler back spoiler. Here, the p8 is priced from 97 900 Plus on road costs twin electric motor 78 kilowatt hour, lithium ion battery North to 104.9 seconds. A range of 438 kilometers on the wltp rating towing capacity of 1800 kgs in 2024. There will be a rear wheel, drive version with an extended range to open the boot.

Its just a simple uh bet with the O is boom thats good plenty of space. In the boot 413 liters theres, no lip so bags can go in smoothly. Youve got a Tedder there. A teddy bear youve got a bit of through through space with your golf club. Through there. Maybe youve also got a youve got your charger there, while Im stuck behind the car and a big thanks to Everett Prestige and Tauranga for Lending me this car located over at the mounts, you want to have a disk drive of this Volvo XC Church pH go And say: gday to them ever Prestige, so heres the key start from uh. I mean thats all right, a nice view of the boats isnt this something nice boats out there. This morning out there today look at those nice little boats lovely day for a bit of fishing. So you can do king of the century. Um and garden is a good sound system. Um Classics seat supports the lumbar. I found the seat. Ive got the seat pretty comfortable around that too much, but oh yeah thats good uh theres! No, you know theres no start stop button in this car, which is great. You just in break put your brake foot on the brake, put your foot on the brake and choose your gear. Youve got Drive, well, youve, got neutral or reverse Park and then youre away. They do have the start. Stop button here, though, from the petrol version.

So you think they could have spent a few dollars on that, and I did a little bit more. Pretty steering wheel feels solid. Okay, heres the horn sounds like a horn. Here, youve got you can do your uh trip counter controls set those there. Look at my battery level, so thats there bit of a toggle steering wheel up and down in and out. I can open the boot here: ventilation, oh and this side. Youve got some other Music um volume thats for you, Google. So I can do hey, Google, how far to Central Auckland you are 228 kilometers away from Auckland CBD and thats. The distance Ill be staying away from it today. Basic functions here, but most of your commands are being done through the entertainment system. So if Googles built into the car, you can still use apple carplay, so youve got to plug it in to use apple carplay. If you go to settings you get all the features so driving um. You can do region on or off thats something funny um yeah. One pill drive on or off you can see the steering firmness Im going to put it on to start with, just because I quite like that um youve got pilot assist, which is your home for safety features plenty of safety features. Youve got your roadside information. Really. The drive notifications steering assistant on or off speed, limiter off road mode Im gon na give that a little belt um on my very small little bit of mountain area charging about 87.

They recommend you charge it up to 90 for best um to preserve the battery. There 90 to recommend to preserve the battery thats, probably not the Flashs infotainment system reasonably functional. Although you do have to go into this, I would have liked a few little shortcuts, but well see how it goes. 12 volt battery there, two USB plugs cup holders storage in there adequate a little bin. You can take out hook on the glove box, put some bags there and grab the box heated seats. Um. I like this little feature here. Also, you can bring these out a little bit. The carpet in this car is made from partly recycled plastic, get some lights there and then sunroof Music. So plenty of good Headroom, Im 184 centimeters room enough for me, drop a little bit down heaps City room enough for me, a bit shorter, fine youve got a little light. There um the storage there quite like how these can actually be. Your Center headrest can also be raised, but Ill be having that down for driving two events, two USBC plugs and looks like back seat heaters should have holded any of those points, its quite handy because this is based on a the xt40, the petrol version you do Get that rise there, which is slightly annoying spacious and roomy Id say in the back, its quite a quite nice thumping sound of quality. So if I want to put the seats down, oh look at that lets start some in town driving um.

You definitely feel the pep in this car. The one pedal driving is pretty abrupt. When you take your foot off the pedal, you do slow down very fast, um, its, not so comfortable, I think its very comfortable in town. I think it should be better to go to tuning that off bit of a faff youve got to actually go into the screen to make those kind of adjustments. Thats made of oh thats changed the feeling straight away, and that feels much better. Just taking a put Ive just taken my foot off the pedal and its a much more gradual slowdown. Bricks are good um solo, not that I not um breaks the brakes. Arent gravy gon na put your foot down but um its all right: Im, not picking up much noise from outside a little bit slight bit of road noise, theres sort of a bit of a uh, the electric wine thats about it, its not a. I quite like the sound of that one. Some cars um its annoying, but this is quite this is fine Im just entering 100K Zone to see what the pickups like oi, that is good thats all youre gon na need. So Ive got my Lane key assist on roadside information um. So you know Im getting a little out of the lane, its feel it a little bit but its not too strong. I think its a good way, some other cars. It almost takes over a woman.

You go into Auto, but this way um. I dont think its too strong, which is a good thing, its fear, its guiding as opposed to um, trying to take over theres Volvo, and I think it could sort of be reflected in the day Ive had I had an enjoyable day, its been night, the weather Was good, I saw some votes go out of the harbor. I saw some playing fly overhead. I went and bought some avocados driving past or some avocados for sale, which I had to find at the moment, so its just um its just sort of fitted into what I wanted to do, made things easier and made things enjoyable. It might not have the best specs in some areas, but overall its a complete driving package. I really like the acceleration I now dont want any car thats over five seconds from naught to 100, but really just that acceleration, when youre at an intersection makes a huge difference. Um functionality, this car is very good. Youve got to use the screen. The infotainment system youve got to go into quite a bit to change stuff, but its not too bad, because the screen is at a good level for my hands and straight out there I can adjust it. Ive still got an eye on the road, so I didnt find that too bad compared to some other infotainment systems. The only negative I found was really um that one pedal driving it was just too severe.

It was basically putting a brake on so, but I believe thats going to be adjusted in the 2024 version of this car. The only other thing that Ive concerned would probably be the price um if youve got the money. I would definitely say take this for a drive Ive um. I found it quite Nimble as well, especially you know if you wanted to snip in somewhere, hit the turnaround quick, the screen, the combination of you know, visual with the screen, worked well Im, very comfortable, no problems with comfort, and I guess um drives like a Volvo Thanks for watching this video heres, another video on a SUV, its the skoda in yak and a subscribe to the channel would be great. Helps me. Get more cars from people to film leave a comment below Music whats.