But the fact is that the range you can travel on a full charge is absolutely terrible and for what it is its incredibly expensive. So has Honda learned any lessons from its first EV effort today were seeing the Japanese manufacturers second fully electric car Music? This is the Honda eny one, and it is very different from the Honda e in this review were telling you everything that you need to know about this fully. Electric SUV before we start go to whatcar.com for a great deal on your next car and subscribe to our channel to see lots more new car reveals and reviews. Now you may recognize the eny one, because although Honda is Keen to point out, there are big differences. This is essentially a fully electric version of the Honda HRV, but lets talk through what some of those differences are, starting with the styling, where you can see on the eny one. You have this blanked out front grille and in fact the bumpers are different. The headlights are different. The only difference about the wheels is this white H badging, which is something thats going to feature on other future, fully electric models from Honda to help differentiate it from the rest of its lineup, and you also have five different colors that you can choose from with The eny one, including this rather fetching Aqua topaz, but overall it does still look fairly similar to the HRV. The Honda name is spelled out across the back of the car here in this new typeface and apparently like the White H badges.

This is going to be something that well see on future Honda electric models by the way, the name apparently e NY1 stands for exciting and new for your life. Now inside this isnt just a copy and paste job from the HRV, you can see that in certain places this is very different from what you have in the HRV like here with the infotainment system. So in the HIV you have a nine inch touchscreen infotainment system on top of the dashboard. Now, instead in the eny one youve got this massive portrait style 15.1 inch touchscreen infotainment system here. So its split into these three sections that you can see and the look and the feel of it is very similar to Hondas latest infotainment systems, but obviously with this three tile layout instead. But you will notice down here that you have climate controls on the touch screen so, whereas in the HRV you had really nicely knurled, dials and physical buttons to adjust the air conditioning now, theyve removed that and in the eny one you have to use all of Those things through this touchscreen infotainment system here which, as weve said many many times before, is not as good not as safe to use, while youre driving as the physical buttons and dials. So that is a shame and seems like a bit of a backward step, even though this panel down here is permanently visible, no matter what menu youre on, but its still a shame that theyve looked to change it and go for a touchscreen solution.

Here you get a bigger digital driver display in the eny one than you do in the HRV as well, but otherwise this is quite similar in here to the HRV, which is no bad thing, because that is a high quality, impressive interior and it is in the Eny one as well with nice materials, soft touch materials around the place, all feels really solid. Well put together. You apparently have thicker seat bases in the eny one to make these seats even more comfortable and the sound insulation is apparently better in this car as well. To try and make it a little bit quieter in here, while youre driving Now The Styling the dimensions. The fact that this is based on the HRV. This is quite clearly an electric SUV, but its on the small side of the electric SUV class, because, while its up against other Rivals like the Kia Niro EV, the Toyota bz4x, this is smaller than pretty much every other rival. But no other electric SUV has magic seats and neither does this. Unfortunately, a real practical bonus of going for the HRV is getting Hondas magic seats which let you fold up the seat bases to create an extra space for storage. But unfortunately, in transitioning this from the HRV into the fully electric eny, one youve lost the magic seats. These seats are no longer magic, but they are apparently thicker than before to again, like the front seats, make them slightly more comfortable, then the seats in the HRV and whats the overall space like when youre in these rear seats.

Well, legroom is okay, as you can see, for an adult should have no problems at all. You do have a slightly odd sitting position where the floor feels quite high, so youve got quite a bend in your knees here, but otherwise decent amount of room, Headroom doesnt feel quite so generous. So if youre over six foot your heads going to be pretty close to the roof lining here, so there are definitely more practical Alternatives in the electric SUV class when it comes to rear seat space, the boot is 304 liters or 319 liters, depending on which spec You go for and whether you get the upgraded sound system that Robs a bit of the space that you have in the back of the car here so overall, like the rear seats. This is definitely on the small side for an electric SUV. You can see that the space that you do have here is fairly simple in its shape. It has no loading lip. You also get a height adjustable boot floor, which gives you a decent amount of space underneath or the chance to just lower it and increase the overall capacity in the boot. But it must be said, lots of other electric SUVs. In fact, most others like the Nero EV like the bz4x, are bigger than what you find in the back of the eny one, but the smart hashtag one is small still now what about the range? Well, the Honda e had an absolutely tiny battery.

It was 28.5 kilowatt hours and officially the range was 135 miles, but in real world driving conditions, if it was a bit cold, especially youd, be lucky to get 100 miles on a full charge, which is not particularly good. This eny one is much better than that because it has a significantly bigger battery, so this has 61.9 kilowatt hours and officially the wltp range is going to be around about 256 miles from a full charge which again, like all electric cars, will be less in real World driving conditions, but will still certainly be significantly better than the Honda e in The Wider electric car class. It doesnt particularly stand out. There are lots of other Rivals that will be closer to 300 miles, some that are over 300 miles. You get a heat pump as standard with the eny one, so thats an optional extra on lots of other Rivals. But you get that as standard, and it means that when youre heating, the interior, when its cold, it does so in a much more energy efficient way than if it didnt have a heat pump. The charging port is located at the front of the car and fairly neatly hidden behind the nose here now it is very neat, but it is also rather large. Isnt it and youve got the Honda name again in the charging port bit there. Now you also have some lights up here on the Bonnet line to indicate whether its charging, whether its stopped charging, whether its fully charged, but it doesnt, actually show the state of battery charge left, which is a shame now in terms of actual charging speeds that you Can manage this will AC charge at up to 11 kilowatts and when it comes to fast charging, the maximum speed it can accept is 78 kilowatts which, to be honest, isnt, that impressive by modern EV standards, because most new electric cars getting released now can charge over 100 kilowatts, so it means that a 10 to 80 charge in ideal conditions at its fastest speed will be done in around 45 minutes.

When it comes to Performance, the eny one gets one electric motor driving the front wheels with 201 brake horsepower. It has a top speed of 99 miles per hour and were told the naught to 62 miles per hour. Time is around about 7.7 seconds, which is a lot faster than the HRV, and indeed pretty Swift by electric SUV standards generally, if still some way off. What a Tesla Model y offers and the price? Well, the regular HRV starts from around 30 000 pounds and goes up to 36 000 pounds its too early for official full confirmation of what exactly the eny one is going to cost. But weve been told to expect a starting price around 45 000 pounds that price doesnt make the eny one stand out as being particularly cheap. In fact, if it does have a mid 40 000 pound starting price, then its quite a bit more expensive than the entry level forms of a number of its Rivals like the Nero EV Toyota bz4x and the skoda enyak, all of which are more competitive. When it comes to range and practicality as well, it would also mean that eny one costs about the same as a rear. Wheel, drive model y, so its clear that eny one will have significantly more mainstream appeal than the very Niche and compromised Honda e, but well have to wait and see the full pricing and specs and drive the thing before we know exactly how it Stacks up against Its competitive EV Rivals to make sure that you see our full review of the eny one as soon as weve driven it subscribe to our Channel.

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