I want to find out in this video whether that feels like an electric sports car, whether it feels engaging or whatever it just feels like a big heavy barge. That is, writing checks, its body, cant cash and uh yeah were gon na, have some fun doing it. Now Ive reviewed the taikan several times on the channel before so Im, not going to go into all the ins and outs of it. So click up. Well, I think if you want to watch one of those videos, otherwise lets go and find out what makes the taikan GTS tick. This is important. Gts means youve got some driver, focused options and more power, and that is true here: youve got 600 horsepower, which is about 70 more than the regular dual motor 4S, but it sits below the turbo in terms of price. It starts from about 110 000 here in sport, Turismo form so its a fair bit more than a taikan 4S, but quite a bit less than a turbo. Itll still do not 60. In 3.7 seconds, though, and its got, the turbos beefy rear motor with a slightly weaker one on the front. So technically, this is the most rear wheel, drive of the dual motor take hands, tycans Im saying that twice as well. Just because I know youre going to correct me in the comments but yeah thats, the main difference. It sits on air suspension, its got Porsche, active suspension management pasm a standard, so you can really tighten it up and uh yeah, I think, were going to have some fun with it Im going to show you some other little details and then well get cracking now.

In terms of electricy bits, this has got an 84 kilowatt hour, usable battery, which will get you about 250 miles on a charge in the real world. When I saw 250 miles at a 70 mile an hour Cruise, I was getting about three miles per kilowatt hour, which is pretty impressive, considering thats not what this is designed to do, but its just like a slippery otter slicing through the air on a banana skin Of oil but its lovely, its got 20 inch alloy wheels a special GTS design and its got black bits all over it as well. This ones got optional, rear, steer and in terms of options. Ah, its got 20 000 pounds worth of options on it because its a Porsche things like electric folding door mirrors its just ridiculous, but anyway, Im not going to harp on about that Im just going to go and drive it so lets get cracking now. I just want to quickly point out that I was recording these driving Impressions at the end of a strenuous two day, shoot for work and Ive driven this car about 500 miles. At this point, so I look a bit knackered. I sound a bit flat, but yeah Ive driven this car a lot more than what youre seeing in this video lets go right. Im going for a drive in the Porsche taikan GTS Ive been driving it a lot Ive done about 300 miles across Wales. In the past couple of days and now, Im going to sum up my thoughts without getting two Fancy Pants goodbye, everyone, sorry Ive been doing a shoot with work.

Bye Mike bye, Jamil Im going home, so yeah Im on the Black Mountain Road here in Wales, the e4069 used to be a legendary driving road, but I think people have ruined it over the past couple of years and now its a 40 mile an hour road With average speed cameras, however, Ive been parked there for three hours. This car is ridiculously fast theres, no two ways about it. Even the regular Tycoon 4S is fast enough. This, oh its just like brilliant savagery. When you put in Sport Plus mode, you really feel the kick from the two speed Auto on the rear axles. It shifts up a gear and it adds some drama to it that just you dont get in other EVS. It adds a sense of mechanical feel and that kind of goes for the rest of this as well. The steering feels delicious its not packed with fuel, but its just the way it weights up feels really natural and really lovely and, as you would expect from a Porsche, you know, Im gon na say it. The control weights are brilliant, by which I mean the brake pedal. You actually have to push it a bit. You can modulate it. You can break a tiny little bit and its just brilliant for scrubbing off little bits of speed on Corner entry of a bit of reassurance without head butting. The lovely raced hex covered Alcantara steering wheel, and I should talk briefly about the interior of this.

Its basically got Alcantara everywhere, because its the GTS and its got loads of options on it. Its nice makes it feel racy. I love an Alcantara clad steering wheel for overtaking stunk in this car is ridiculous. You dont have to wait for anything to spool up much like any other electric car. You can just go for it, put it in Sport Plus mode and the suspension firms up the air Springs, work really well, theres, just no role in the corners and its just so impressive. It makes you feel like youre in an old school. I guess like an EVO 8 or something because you can cover ground like this quicker I reckon than in almost any other car on sale because of the confidence Im getting because of the punch of that electric motor all comes together to make this into a proper Missile for a covering ground quickly but, as I said its fearsome and it feels lovely too now the Porsche torque vectoring is an option on this car unless its standard, in which case Ill say, I think its knobs on his car and I love the way you Can feel it working out of Corners when you boot it, and you can also go around roundabouts very, very fast in it, Sport Plus mode adds a bit more fake. Noise makes you feel like youre in a spaceship. I think its a bit unnecessary and you can turn it off. You can customize driving modes a little bit but yeah.

It rides really well this isnt, the thermos suspension setting or not. I can probably eat the smooth Road and its absolutely fine, put it in Comfort mode on a Motorway and its really Blissful for cruising along. I just really struggle to fault the way this drives. If I was going to pick one floor in the Thai cans – lovely Carmine, red armor, it would be that it cant disguise its weight fully if youre hard on the brakes into a corner at 80 90 miles an hour, you will feel its mass subtly shifting around, But its very well controlled, you just sense Yep. This does weigh 2.37 tons. I think unladen at another 100 kilos for me and its nearly a two and a half ton car, but you just wouldnt know it. You just wouldnt know it and it puts a smile on your face and for me thats the mark of a truly great drivers car. I want to come out onto roads like this, ideally ones without speed limits or with higher speed limits. Should I say, but it gives me that proper thrill of driving so yeah Ive waffled on a lot, but I just think this car is worth the waffle. Frankly, its really quite special. Does it feel markedly different to the other, take hands taikans in the range Ive driven the Turbo S? Ive driven the rear wheel drive one its slower than the Turbo S, but only using so much as you dont feel as sick.

When you accelerate the Turbo, S is just brutal and it ruins your eyeballs, and you go like this. This look still smashes your head back when you boot it at 40 miles now, but I think it feels a little bit more up on its toes than the turbo, a bit less sledgehammery and obviously the rear wheel drive one that Ive driven is way slower than This and to me, it didnt feel as special. I think I love the dual motor setup most in one of these look, I know theyre going to be people out there who love Teslas, thats, fine, you can love Teslas and a Model S. Plaid is probably faster than this by a fair amount, but I can almost guarantee it doesnt feel as satisfying to drive quickly around corners. It wont have the same, steering feel that General sense of portioness now Im happy to be corrected, but thats my prediction so Im just putting that out there anyway, Ive talked long enough about this car lets go back to me in a lay by for a conclusion. In which we find out, if Ive got a speeding ticket or hits a sheep or hopefully neither so in conclusion, is the Porsche taking ggs. The ultimate super guyless, not Kyle, drivers, EV well rather boringly, Im walking into it Im gon na have to say yeah. It is, it feels just like a Porsche its got, the nerdy steering fill control weights and all the rest that youve come to expect from a Porsche Porsche.

However, you want me to pronounce it leave me the hate in the comments it feels connected to the road. It feels planted. It almost feels a little bit playful when you boot it up Corners in Sport Plus mode as well. Thanks to that stronger rear motor, it is stupidly snail, but its also very comfortable. Its got a decent enough range that only downside Ive got where this car is the price, its 110 gram basic. This is 130 gram of options, its just ludicrous, but the boring caveat is if youve got the money and you want an EV that is thrilling to drive. It can cover ground faster than any other internal combustion engine car. This side of a Chiron go and buy one right. Thank you ever so much for watching. If you like this video, please hit like do subscribe to the channel, because Ive got plenty more car reviews, not in Wales.