Its got three different electric motors for a combined output of 1050 horsepower. Yes, thats right. 30, more horsepower than the almighty Tesla plat, 0 60 happens in a ridiculous 2.’ seconds and a very impressive range of 381 miles. So what is the ff91? Well simply put its the flagship and first ever production vehicle from Faraday future and its made right here in Southern California, and with a Crazy Design inside and out Im extremely excited to be one of the first people outside the company to actually drive this well. The car looks futuristic from every angle. The side has some particularly cool design elements for one youll notice, theres no door handles. Instead, weve got these little buttons seamlessly integrated into the side of the vehicle. If you press and hold them for a bit, the door will actually automatically open all the way allowing you to easily climb in, and one of my favorite parts of the car is, if you press and hold the rear door opens up to reveal that this thing Has suicide doors? How cool is that now, if you come in close Im going to give you a little teaser, well show you more later on these zero gravity. Seats are absolutely insane. How crazy are these wraparound LED tail lights, theyre actually made up of the Faraday future logo repeated over and over again. It almost reminds me of the taillights of the five million dollar Bugatti Devo, really cool design language.

I also like this rear wing here and every single element of the car has been made to decrease the coefficient of drag in the name of performance and efficiency. So things like this, the vents are actually functional. The interior is where things get really interesting. Tesla has taken minimalism to too far of an extreme. In my opinion, yes, theyre very fast. Yes, they have decent range, but the Interiors are not really worthy of their six figure price tag. Faraday Future Has Turned that completely upside down, so its broken up into kind of three sections. Weve got the driver, seating position here with a crazy F1 inspired, steering wheel, its kind of a hybrid between a yoke and a normal steering wheel. I actually really like the way this feels in your hands. Then weve got this floating trim here. So weve got all of the instrument cluster information right here then, if we take a look at the middle weve got this floating display. That has fantastic Graphics. One thing that I really like is theyve got this patented control for look at the climate control. If I use three fingers on the screen, I can easily change the temperature in the car that way, if youre driving along its a little bit too hot, you dont, have to take your eyes off the road and boom youre good to go same thing with the Volume three fingers up and down now something Ive never seen before in any other car.

Is this display right here for the passenger you can actually be driving and the passenger can watch movies and TV shows and be completely entertained because of a privacy screen and so the driver it can be safe, driving this way and you can listen or watch movies. How cool is that, but the really cool part is in the back. Not only does this car look like a spaceship, it takes inspiration from space as well. Apparently, NASA claims that, in a zero gravity environment, your body assumes this neutral position and Faraday Future Has basically made these seats so that your body rests in a neutral position. They recline up to 60 degrees. The level of leg, room and Headroom in here is unparalleled. It is actually one of the most comfortable experiences you can have in the back of a car. I mean youre reclined farther than you can in a Rolls Royce. Of course, you also can have ventilation and massage as well theres 11 screens in the car, one of which is right here on the door itself. Its really interesting Faraday future developed this car before the new BMW 7 Series. And if you note, the 7 Series has the little door screen and they also have a massive theater screen. So this is a 27 inch. Ultra HD widescreen display that you can use to watch your favorite vehicle versions, videos or movies in the back of the car. Now another really cool thing is its got three different: 5G modems.

That way, when youre on the go, you can actually do a real Zoom meeting on the screen and you can be in the back of your car as comfortable as ever and get some legitimate work done now. The thing I want to experience and the thing I want to show you guys the most is: what is this thing actually like to drive so lets hop in the drivers seat and find out all right? We are in the drivers seat of the ff91 about to take this thing for a spin, so lets go over how you actually drive it. Its got a stock, not unlike many Teslas and Mercedes, where you press down for Drive press backwards for reverse and press in. For park now, weve got this awesome display here, where you can switch between eco mode Comfort, Sport and even a launch control mode. You can also put on a heated steering wheel as well. Now, if you go over to the door setting, you can actually lock and unlock and open and close all of the doors simultaneously. If you want. I love this feature. Watch when we click open right here, all of a sudden the door opens and its so easy to get in and out of the vehicle click close all and all of a sudden that door will close all right, guys lets take this thing for a spin. Apparently I am the first YouTuber to ever get to drive the Faraday future ff91, so Im very honored for the opportunity were going to put it into drive right now and then were going to go ahead and take off nice and slow at first and then well.

Show you the actual performance characteristics of this vehicle now, when I first saw it, I wasnt sure, is this a sedan? Is this an SUV? What exactly is it because its larger than a sedan, but it feels smaller than an SUV and the way they described? It is its kind of a one car fits all, so youve got the Supercar performance of 1050 horsepower and then you have the comfort of something like a Rolls Royce SUV and I dont Im not saying that lightly. This actually does ride unbelievably smoothly. It floats above the ground and then those seats in the back are absolutely insane and then, at the same time, youve got this sport sedan level of performance as well. The suspension firms up its got active, rear wheel, steering torque vectoring, so it actually does handle really really well um. It is impressive. It also weighs 6000 pounds, which means its tax deductible, which is pretty darn cool and its only a little bit heavier than the model X. Plaid thats about 5 800 pounds so pretty much negligible and its got a little bit more power. So now were going to ramp up the pace a little bit to show you. I am really impressed with the turning radius a big vehicle, but all right here we go flooring. It Music. This thing takes off like a rocket its awesome that theyve got this uh mini test track in the front yard, were actually at the factory right now and uh having a blast out here.

This is pretty sweet. Look at how many of them are lined up right here: theres some secret stuff. Behind there very awesome man, it really starts picking up at about 35 miles an hour. This thing absolutely rips for a heavy vehicle. It really does perform well and I think, in terms of having a comfortable daily driver, the suspension does such a phenomenal job of being smooth to it to an extreme degree. I mean this is like S Class level Rolls Royce level suspension, but then it also has really good body roll control when youre going around corners and then, of course, youve got the crazy level of acceleration, which is just absolutely awesome, is awesome all right. Well guys. I hope you enjoyed todays video. Like always, please browse the channel and subscribe special thanks to Faraday future for allowing this video to be possible. This thing is actually really awesome and its going to hit the market soon and Im so happy that I guys that I got to give you guys a preview effectively before anyone else. Alright guys look forward to seeing you next video Music.