The addition of a second electric motor gives Nissan zv crossover more straight line Zeal, but the vehicles in different handling is still a letdown. Weve never been all too enthusiastic about all wheel. Drive for all wheel drives sake. In our opinion, most vehicles are simply better off just driving two wheels, especially the rears. At least that was the case before the proliferation of EVS. Since then, we found ourselves more impressed by the EV models with dual motors driving both axles. Why? Because they are often a lot more powerful and far quicker than their two wheel drive counterparts. One such example is this 2023 Aria, E4 or say, which is Nissans funny new nomenclature for its all wheel, drive electric Powertrain. When we tested the front wheel, drive Aria, we were disappointed by its acceleration performance. The regular Aria single electric motor drives the front wheels and makes 238 horsepower, but at 7.5 seconds to 60 miles per hour, that model lacks the satisfying zip we enjoy in other EVS. That changes with the addition of the all wheel drive model, which adds a second electric motor that drives the rear, wheels and increases. The total horsepower to 335 ponies and base engage guys into 389 horsepower in the engage plus evolve, plus and Platinum, Plus trims highs, hush cabin brisk acceleration, upscale design with two Motors on board. The Aria is far fleeter at our test track. Our 389 horsepower Platinum Plus test vehicle needed just 5.

0 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour and completed the quarter mile and 13.4 seconds at 108 miles per hour. Thats, not Ford Mustang, Machi, GT levels of performance, but its a big Improvement and one that makes stoplight launches and Highway passing Maneuvers more satisfying. Adding more power. Doesnt, however, improve the Arias handling as the all wheel drive model is just as Bland as the front wheel. Drive one with motors spinning both axles, the Aria E4 or say only marginally, improved on the front wheel, drive model skid pad result with the Platinum Plus returning 0.86 grams versus the single motor and power pluses 0.85 grams thats, not bad. Considering our all wheel, drive Aria is 361 pounds heavier and rolls on 20 inch wheels and Bridgestone a lenses Sport AS tires versus the Empower plus and its 19 inch wheels and Dunlop Grand tracks. There is a sport driving mode, but other than Conjuring up an artificial, whirring, sound and minutely sharpening throttle response. It does little to enhance the EV crossovers Road manners. The Arias all wheel, drive system will sometimes apply. Braking to the inside Wheels during cornering to combat under steer, but its more useful for staying in better control on low friction surfaces than for hunting, apexes unseasonably heavy rainfall in northern California. Sonoma County provided plenty of wet corners on which to test the system, and it does work reassuringly well at maintaining stability. Some dual motor all wheel, drive electrics, such as early versions of the Tesla Model y offer more driving range than their two wheel drive analogs.

Due to careful calibration to only use a single motor during the epas test Cycles, but not here, Nissan offers the same two battery packs in the E4 or say, as it does in the standard model and the range for both is slightly lower with all wheel drive The entry level engage trim gets a 63.0 kilowatt hour battery with an estimated driving range of just 205 miles per charge. The three more expensive trims, engage, plus, evolve, plus and Platinum, Plus all come with a larger 87.0 kilowatt hour battery pack. The driving range estimate for the engage plus and evolve plus trims is far more competitive at 272 miles, while the Platinum Plus carries an estimate of 267. in our 75 mile per hour. Highway range testing. The Aria Platinum Plus delivered only 210 miles of driving before we needed to stop to recharge, making it less ideal for road trips than the front wheel drive model which provided 240 miles of driving in the same test. The Arias inspired interior design is its main advantage over rival EV crossovers pattern panels on the doors and bulkhead beneath the dash are backlit with ambient lighting and look quite elegant while thoughtful touches such as a built in smartphone charging cord organizer are designed to reduce clutter The cabin is spacious in both the front and the rear seats and a modern, looking dashboard features a pair of curved 12.3 inch. Digital displays, a wood trim piece that runs across the dash is also backlit and houses.

The SUVs climate controls which operate with just a light tap, but the controls for other functions located on the center console require a harder push. All models are well equipped, but the loaded, Platinum Plus we sampled at 62 770 pushes the boundary into the luxury category, both in terms of price and features that price tag gets your niceties, such as heated and ventilated, rear seats. A 10 speaker bow stereo, genuine leather upholstery, a self parking feature and navigation, enhanced adaptive cruise control. The addition of the rear motor has little impact on cargo room. Overall luggage. Space is identical to the forward model, but the under floor storage bin has been sacrificed. Lowes, Bland handling, disappointing Highway range, top models. Price tag puts it in luxury territory. As, with all wheel, drive variants of internal combustion Vehicles, all wheel, drive EVS come with benefits as well as compromises. So one thing that hasnt changed in this transition from gas to electric is carefully considering your own needs. The minor sacrifice and range in the major Improvement in acceleration at the Aria E4 or say offers over the standard model seems like a decent trade off to us.