3 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack, uh 10 to 80 percent charges, seven hours, eight years or 1.2 lakh kilometers 230 kilometers, which is quite uh sufficient for CD driving a Dimensions. The 2.9 meters in length 1.5 meters in width, 1.6 meters in height and the wheelbase will just see two meters. Another viranga safety features goes the two airbags: reverse packing: sensors ABS, with EBD rear fog. Lamp follow me home headlamps, tire, pressure, monitoring, system, seat, belt, reminder, isofix, style, seat, mounts speed, sensing door, lock, impact sensing, Auto door, unlock and navy standard features, actually turn indicators, foreign request, sensor and chrome door handles only and hello LED tail lamps internet inside badging. It is, and electromagnetic boot release Hazard triangle, warning triangle and uh AC charger and the portable charger, another seats uh. So I put in a four people, along with the luggage, so either two people with the only four people, foreign foreign and the core sport mode. On the fast charging and slow charging and the drive mode, selector neutral, Riverside power window switches, 10.25 inch, touchscreen infotainment system, indonesic Wireless Android, auto Apple carplay, Bluetooth, uh, SML, anti features. The part 2 iSmart connected car features by touching vehicle settings to access the smart features level and the low state of charge AC disabled options. So that is about the infotainment system and it put a my division 10.25 inch screen. But it is not a touch screen order, meter, a drive model on the vehicle, low headlights or Telltale lights, and everything is digital and water.

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