We are going to talk about top 10 EV Vehicles so before starting this video, please click I Like It And subscribe to our channel for future updates. The world is changing and gradually petrol and diesel cars are being pushed out by electric vehicles. Sales of electric cars have now overtaken Daiso cars, and they now make up around one in seven new vehicles registered in Britain, thats impressive growth and comes from more choice in the EV Market, as well as cheaper electric car options. Why are more people opting to plug in well? There are more EVS on the market in 2023 than ever before. Every day seems to bring news of the latest fresh model launch. In addition to Falling costs, there are models of all shapes and sizes, from Electric SUVs to sports cars and small compact EVS too motorists nervousness about making. The switch is slowly receding with the longest range electric cars helping to eliminate range anxiety, read on for our guide to the best electric cars and EVS of 2023 to help people thinking of going electric. Not everyone will be ready to plug in but star Magazines. Journalists have tested every electrified car on sale today and have unbiased helpful advice in this article to help you make a better Decision. One Porsche taken, the poor she take in is an incredible technical achievement. It does the things we all enjoy about driving, accelerating braking going around corners with Supreme alacrity and features a massive well capability, largely untacked, by normal driving Porsche offers, cheaper rear wheel, drive variants to sit alongside the topi turbo Turbo S and 4S models.

Today, taking prices start at 72, 850 pounds 2. Hyundai, ioniq 5 Hyundai has really stepped things up with the ionic 5 producing an exceedingly well rounded, electric car, the stripping and retro inspired yet futuristic design touches wed skip past the entry level 58 kilowatt hours battery on Account of its 238 mile range and instead plump for the 72.6 kilowatt hours pack with twin motor four wheel, drive range jumps to 285 miles and the 5.2 second 0, 62 miles per hour. Time is significantly quicker than either single motor model in this spec its fun to drive. Once you get used to a bit of body roll something thats easy to accept, given the comfortable ride, the ionic 5 starts from 37 420 pounds. Three Kia ev6 Cas Flagship ev6, is available in single motor two wheel, drive or twin motor four wheel drive flavors. All regular models are capable of 300 plus miles according to Gabriel TP testing. While those happy to sacrifice some range for performance might be interested in the hot 577 Bob ev6 GT, even lesser models handle well with good performance and a comfortable ride, its similar in size to the Hyundai ionic 5, on which its based meaning plentiful space for passengers. To Lounge front and rear theres a capacious boot too, making it perfectly practical choice for families, its our sister site, Parkers large electric car of the year for 2023, too, the ev6 starts at 40, 945 pounds, 4., BMW, li4 forget about the BM go ui3 I8 or The IX, the BMW F4 is an altogether different approach to Electric Power and, while it doesnt outwardly, look as Innovative as previous cars produced by the bmwa division, its easily one of the best electric cars you can buy in the UK today, there are two f4s to Choose from and a drive 40 with rear, wheel, drive 335 BEP and acclaimed range of 367 miles or the M40, with 537 Bap twin motor, all wheel drive machine.

That also happens to be the first ever all electric M car for 12 000 pounds more underneath youll find the same. Gen 5. Bmw, electric Drive Tech, though here its not wrapped. In a part, carbon construction like The IX, regardless, you wont care when, behind the wheel, both models of the I4 stab the accelerator and the I4 reacts with the kind of instant thrust that makes you think of computer game 5. Tesla Model 3.. The model 3 has cemented itself as the UKs most popular electric car and for good reason it might be the least expensive Tesla available, but even an entry level form fewer likely to be disappointed, as even the base model packs a claim 305 mile range and the Ability to Sprint from 0 60 miles per hour in just 5.8 seconds, it even comes with the Autopilot Drive assistance system, which takes the edge off long trips and adds to the Space Age feel the long range dual motor version with all wheel, drive and increased range Is available, it can cover a claim 374 miles and serves up a sports car rivaling 0 60 miles per hour time of 4.2 seconds. The top of the range performance drops that time of 3.1 seconds with range tumbling to 340 miles. If you want something a bit more practical, we point you in the direction of the larger model y, though that does come with some cavits. Take a look at our recent group test and youll see the larger sibling of the model I lost out to the Kia.

Ev6 prices start from 40 490 pounds 6. Renault Megan E Tec, electric available with either 129 BEP and a 186 mile range or 215 map and a more useful 292 mile range this front wheel, drive hatchback has gained plenty of SUV attitude in its transformation, its good To drive and has plenty of room inside so if the price is as competitive as promised its well worth, shortlisting it net in a win in our sisters: psych Parkers 2023 new car Awards taking the trophy for the best medium electric car prices start for 31 000 Pounds seven pole star two, the pole, star 2, is a cracking addition to the shopping list for mid size, EV buyers hailing from Swedens Volvo polo star is a relatively new startup that carries across the scandi Chic design, values and quality from its sister brand, but wrapped Up in a more Progressive, modern Vibe, this car ushers in Googles first Android OS. There are very few buttons sound, familiar Tesla and everything is operated from a touch screen or by the hey. Google Voice Assistant, sensible front wheel, drive models, get a choice of two battery sizes with a potent twin motor coming with a higher capacity pack, only its good to drive with the optional performance Pack 2. It looks slick and is very well built. 8.. The skoda enyaks 34 850 pounds starting price seems fair for the iv60 model and bodes well for the upcoming lower powered models.

Its comfortable well sorted to drive and does a great job of appealing to as many drivers as possible friendlier and more luxurious than akaya e. Nero and looks better inside and out than a Volkswagen id4, which is very, very good for the skoda, eniac IV and Mooring for Volkswagen. If you want a practical, Ruby, family EV, look no further 9. Mercedes eqd as youd expect from the name of the Mercedes eKEY is the electric equivalent of the E class. Unlike some EQ badge, cars think eqa, eqb, eqc and eqv that share a platform with their internal combustion equivalent. The EQ of the OU has a bespoke electric architecture, best package, a giant battery and larger interior. The ekeyde might not have the shows stopping Tech of its larger eqs, sibling, theres no hyper screen here, but what it lacks. Trinkets it more than makes up foreign, build quality and handling the eqe is, without a doubt, the most refined, solid EQ car on sale. So far, prices start at 76, 450 pounds 10. BMW X whenever you think of that large nose, drilled nose or that rear overhang.