Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV 2022 Review: The ALL-NEW EV!

This is a plug in hybrid meaning. It has a petrol engine up front, a 2.4 liter four cylinder, just naturally aspirated petrol engine, and then you get two electric motors as well one at the front, one at the rear and a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery pack. Now, if that sounds familiar its because […]

2021 Volkswagen ID 4 Pro S review: A good EV let down by the details

It nails the fundamentals, though a number of quirks degrade the experience. The id4 is volkswagens, first, all electric suv and the brands first global ev right out of the gate. This vehicle does a lot of things right. The id4 is spacious and comfortable inside it has a smooth. Powertrain comes with plenty of […]

Tata Tigor EV | Electric Car | video review | Kannada | Drive the fame | Supreetha hebbar

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2023 Cadillac Lyriq First Look Review: Previewing The Electric Luxury Future

As you can see, it has a 300 mile range with 340 horsepower and 325 pound feet of torque. When you equip it with the 19.2 kilowatt charger. You can recharge at 56 miles per hour on a 240 home charger, so thats pretty good were going to take a close look at the design […]

Citroen C5 X 2021 first look & walkaround – Is this car C5X-ing up the SUV market? / Electrifying

We love to classify everything a place for everything and everything in its place in the world of cars, theres a name for all different shapes and sizes. Im talking super mini crossover, hatchback suvs, you name, it theres a label for it. So what the heck is that, of course, i know what it […]

2022 Mercedes EQE REVIEW – Luxury EV!

My name is jessica and im about to do an exclusive walk around with you and with our all new eqe, its the younger brother of our eqs and as youll see, it comes with all the belts and whistles. But who can tell us a lot more about this? Car is isabel shes, the […]

MG ZS EV REVIEW by Tejas Raghav Krishna

This is a breathing ring and here is the charging box. I just unlock the car and show you so this can be opened, and here we can charge it im. Just closing. We just need to press this so next coming to the lights. This is a london i like, and this white part […]

New 2021 Lexus UX 300e electric SUV review – DrivingElectric

You see, while lexus has a long lineage of its, so called self charging hybrids. It doesnt have much history when it comes to pure electric cars that the company hopes is all about to change, and this is its first effort, the lexus ux 300e. Now, if it looks familiar thats because its got […]

Peugeot e2008 review | EV or petrol pros and cons!

It can do ccs. Rapid charging with a hundred kilowatt, if you find those chargers, a 50 kilowatt charger, normal pretty much standard and something like a circle k that will do 20 to 80 in 40 minutes. If you find faster charges, you can do it in about 20 and if you want to […]

The Worst Part of Buying a Used EV is The Battery – Here’s How To NOT Get Taken (Sponsored)

That means millions of electric cars on our highways and roads, but theres a problem, and what is that? Well, every electric car has an achilles heel, which is its battery. How do you know youre getting a good one? I have a feeling you have a solution. Yes, our friends at have provided […]