Here Are The Benefits Of An 800 Volt EV Architecture – Is It Really That Much Better Than 400 Volts?

Video welcome to the inside of the bmw ix m60 welcome to a charging station where i was just having a conversation with a viewer about 800 volt versus 400 volt, and i thought hey. This is a great video topic im just going to record this, throw it up right now and share some […]

Ford F150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck EV Review

Okay, so i drive the rivian r1t. You may or may not know that from watching my channel and the brother in law is demoing hes test driving the ford f, 150. Lightning. Ford f, 150, lightning, all electric pickup truck. It comes in multiple different models and for the purposes of this truck, this […]

2022 Mahindra XUV400 EV Review | Performance, Range, Handling & more of this Electric car | autoX

We are now driving the all new mahindra xuv400. This is mahindras, first ever electric suv, its going to go on sale in january 2023. Uh, the customer deliveries will also start around the same month. The prices are not out yet, but we are here at mahindras suv testing track, so we are going […]

Mahindra XUV400 First Drive Review | Could it be your only car?

So 0 100 kilometers per hour in 8.3 seconds 456 kilometers of range zero to 80 charge in just 50 minutes impressive figures: can this be your only car? We answer that and also tell you what the difference between this 0kmph and its top speed is write down. Your guesses right now well come […]

Mahindra XUV400 Review – Performance, 0-100 & Top Speed Tested! | MotorBeam

Let me quickly show you the engine bay. Okay, I cannot call it the engine bay because theres no engine but uh. These are the Mechanicals of the XUV 400. So this one gets a ‘.5 kilowatt battery and you get a claimed range of four five six kilometers in the Indian drying cycle. Realistically, […]

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee 2024 | The New EV Muscle Car – Future Electric Car

Things are pretty good in the muscle car space and dodge is doing well, but the industry is changing and it is changing fast. The industry has invested a half a trillion dollars to transition to electrification, and you know what dodge didnt want to follow. Dodd did not want to follow what everyone is […]

Top 10 EV Most affordable Cars Unveiled for 2023

Today, weve got for you a solid lineup of newcomers from the us, great britain, germany and south korea. These cvs embrace modular platforms developed by the automotive conglomerates and introduce unification that will inevitably reduce production costs and therefore prices so subscribe to the channel and lets start exploration of the all new electric […]

Revolt RV 400 Detailed Review | Range 140 KM | Best Electric Bikes In India

We are, of course, talking about the revolts rv 400.. Now today we will be test riding a motorcycle, which is two years old and has already done 13 168 kilometers of run, which means well come to know how the rv 400 will hold after two years of usage. Now, as you can see, […]


How much that comes before? Is it reliable? Is it quick? Is it agile, is it safe? Is it convenient? Is it versatile? Does it look good? This brings us to fords mustang machi, the electric mustang. This version is the gt and more on that in a second. But the answer to all those […]

Mahindra XUV400 review – how good is this electric SUV? | OVERDRIVE

So in the meantime we have this. The mahindra xuv400, which is the name suggests, is the electrified version of the xuv300 and will take on the likes of the nexon evmax and the zv, and so here were driving it today at mahindras, proving tracks outside of chennai to see exactly what mahindra has […]