Shell ReCharge EV Fast Charger Review: Shell Doesn't Care

It is time for another, fast charger review, and this one is a really special one, because ever since its opened um, there was always problems like i was reading on plug share people couldnt activate it when they activated it. It wouldnt charge or would randomly stop and shut off so until recently, its […]

2021 MG ZS EV Exclusive Review | An Electrifying Performance!

This version right here is the actual mg thats being sold overseas in the uk. Europe everywhere around there lets quickly get in and take a look at what this car is all about and check out all that electric power from behind its steering wheel. So this is what it really looks like no […]

Peugeot e-208 review (2021): Are there better alternatives? | TotallyEV

The gt premium that we have on review today comes in at 31, 000 pounds now: theres stiff competition from the market, where even the likes of the stellantis group, which actually own peugeot, offer the likes of the fiat, 500 electric or even the vox or corso e Elsewhere, youve got the vw id3, […]

The NEW 2022 Kia EV6 Review | Next Best Electric Car?

A new electric car is launched in the market, as kia motors have decided to go all electric with its brand new suv, the ev6, and it does comprise the stature as one of the most elegant evs manufactured. Yet in this video today well tell you everything from design to price and give you […]

KIA EV6 full length review and drive

The model im going to show you today is the kia ev6 gt line s. We think this is going to be the most popular one, which is the rear, wheel, drive model which does up to 328 miles of range, which will get you from here to some ives in cornwall on one charge […]

Entry-Level EV Roundup! BEVs Under $60,000

com hello and welcome to a special edition of motorweek ev state of charge where well take a look at where the practicality of the electrified car stands today with insights into how that will progress in the very near future. While the letters ev for electric vehicle can mean different things to different consumers […]

2022 Kia EV6 in Snow White Pearl color: Review, Exterior, Interior

The ev6 is kias first car to be based on the companys, highly advanced and dedicated architecture designed specifically for battery electric vehicles, bevs Music, Music, Music, so Music Music. This pioneering crossover the first bev launched under the new kia design philosophy, opposites united, displays a future oriented dv design characterized by high tech […]

New MG5 EV Review | MotaClarity

Seemingly little compromised by this models. Advanced battery tech or for a reasonably conventional price, exciting, possibly not clever, definitely Music. Its a sign of the times that you cant have any sort of combustion engine in an mg5, not even a plug in hybrid one and its a reflection of the needs of the […]

Porsche Taycan – 2021 EV Car of the Year

. Can you guess what it is lets go see: Music, um, Music, me Music. So this is the porsche tycoon. 4S crossover edge reviews about this car, the ev car for 2021, but it looks like it might also get the vault for 2022 as well. What a beautiful car is and lets have […]

Hyundai Kona Highlander EV Review

It is an all electric vehicle who by hyundai – and it is the kuna highlander electric extended range Music. What ive done is ive left this car switched on, so that the air conditioning its a warm day is keeping the car cool. So, if youre charging this outside, you can keep your car […]