Hyundai Kona (2022) – The 'Phil' Of Electric Cars!

This is the hyundai corner. Now i have a bit of a soft spot for this because its the first car i ever reviewed on the channel full electric anywhere back in 2018 and the reason ive got it back isnt because its done a little bit of a refresh its you know its Had […]

2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV Upcoming First look! Review, Exterior, Interior

According to gm, the ceo mary barra, the new silverado ev, will be just stunning. That said, there probably wont be a huge difference: visually between the traditional gas powered silverado and its electric sibling. As with the ford lightning, some key changes on the front end will differentiate the ev truck from its gas […]

2023 Cadillac Lyriq all-electric Full Review, Exterior, Interior and Specs

. The first step on that road is the 2023 lyric which aims to pack the traditional qualities of the 118 year old brand into one vehicle. Modern electric crossovers lyric is due out next year, but forbes wheels recently got a live preview of what buyers can expect from this new machine. General motors […]

Reacting To All Of The EV Concept Cars From Toyota & Lexus

My name is chad and today well before we get into todays video. I just want to wish everyone out there. A very happy holiday season, but today well today, were talking about lexus and toyota and specifically the 15 or so electric concept vehicles that toyota just launched. This is actually really exciting. Yes, […]

2022 Lexus UX300e review: Is Lexus’ first EV worth the wait? | Wheels Australia

Quite a bit to like here and in this video were going to take a good look at its design, features how it drives and how it stacks up against other evs and, of course, the more affordable ux variants, including the hybrid. So is the ux 300e. A serious effort to compete against other […]

2022 BYD Han EV Sedan Luxury Car Full Review, Exterior, Interior

The byd han 2022 is similar to the conceptual hybrid supercar by bydec gt shown by the chinese in april of the 19th. In particular, the serial version has the same impetuous body design with a sloping roof, though doors of wing butterfly type. It is not supposed to have wolfganger who used to work […]

Mumbai to Goa in an MG ZS EV – All Charged Up! | Special Feature | Autocar India

Whats also got me excited, is that i am going to be doing something. Ive been wanting to do for a very long time a road trip in an ev. This is the mg zs ev, and this 600 kilometer journey is sure going to be very interesting. First, stop is going to be to […]

tvs iqube electric Tamil review | no maintenance | best electric bike | VFM electric bike | EV 2022

I should say that very, very important, so its like nothing based on the bike based on your classic bike. That means almost 6 to point five bhp. I think im not sure about it. I will calculate money soldier five point: eight to six point: two: three php on the produced, one of the […]

2022 Mercedes EQS | FULL Review Interior Exterior

Today we gon na talk about new mercedes benz, eqs 2022 guys lets start with price of eqs 2022 mercedes benz eqs, starting at 103 360. eqs overview is the 2022 mercedes benz eqs sedan is the flagship of the brands electrified future and one of the fanciest evs Ever its curvaceous body effortlessly slips […]

Hummer EV review in Car Dealership Tycoon!

So today were doing another review and its this big guy here. Well, hes, not too big hes, just a sort of like pickup truck suv off roader type of thing, but guys before we get started. Make sure i smash the like button and subscribe to this youtube channel ill, be uploading a lot […]