Kia EV6 GT Line S AWD owner review. Great car but a few teething issues to resolve…

This is my kia ev6 gt line s all wheel, drive with a heat pump ive had it a week, ive covered a thousand miles, and so i agree, the car is really good. All the press have reviewed this. Car have loved it and said its a really excellent electric vehicle, which it is […]

Genesis Sports Car Line up Exposed! The Return of Genesis Coupe 600hp GT70 BEV vs 1000hp GT90 Hybrid

However, this certainly is not the first time as early as 2018. Genesis shook the planet with its essentia concept, quoted as being the brands initial concept for a true halo car and challenging the status quo as the ultimate manifestation of genesis, design and engineering. It featured a stunning supercar design profile with the […]

Volkswagen T-Cross SE | Car Review | Drive impressions

The t cross arrived in the country with some confidence after selling over 300 000 units worldwide, just some two years since being launched back in 2018.. Volkswagen must have done something right with the t cross to convince more than 300 000 people from over 55 countries to bring human home in so short […]

MINI Cooper Electric SE Review | In-Depth Interior + Exterior Details | Affordable ELECTRIC GO-KART

Yes, the newest safety car of formula e just kidding, but the cuter version of it, the mini cooper sc or as known as the electric mini, is a lower cost ev currently offered by mini thats supposed to be as fun to drive as their conventionally powered gasoline Mini minis pitch is youll, get […]


If you want something with less maintenance costs since theres no engine oil to change or gas tank, let me take you through some of them here, one by one, so we can get an idea for which would work best for your lifestyle, but before starting the video. Please subscribe to our channel and […]

Mercedes EQB 2022 review – why ICE cars are DEAD!

You dont know what astatine is didnt. You get the skull, its the rarest element on earth. Only about 25 grams of the stuff is present on the earth. Naturally at any one time. This is rare, too its an electric seven seat, suv there aint many of those you can just think of the […]

Newest Chinese Electric Cars That Will Leave You Surprised!

The p7 electric is based on a platform developed by x, ping motors called sepa, which stands for smart electric platform architecture. The p7 comes in three variants: two variants come with rear wheel, drive and both have a 196 kilowatt electric motor on the rear axle. Their difference lies in their batteries. A long […]

MG ZS EV Long Range 2022 – 1st Impressions and 1st Drive of probably the best value EV on the market

My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the mg zs ev, the 2022 refreshed edition, so lets get straight into it. This is the new blue, its brilliant blue, its probably one of my favorite, but it also comes in white, black and new silver, actually, which looks great as well, and that […]

MG ZS Long Range 2022 review | The EV that packs a lot in!

So lets check out the revised version of this really growing in popularity car here on navion cars and hello to the people of limerick, see my rage. I deliberately took a car that didnt have a dublin range on it today. The badge now operates as the boot opening spot. We still have a […]

Hyundai's EV gameplan: 6 new electric cars for India by 2028- Tarun Garg | Interview | Autocar India

, so hyundai rushing into the ev race uh a bit of a late starter, but again theyre going to be catching up and thats a lot of models by 2028 where the market, According to hyundais, estimates is going to be 1.7 lakh, evs and obviously hyundai wants to grab a big chunk of […]