Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs Kia EV6: Electric DEATHMATCH!

. Both have tremendous range, great practicality and great looks, which makes sense. They share a platform theyre very similar, but even though they are very similar, theyre also very different. They dont have the same batteries, they dont have the same performance and they dont have the same price so which one of these […]

Hyundai IONIQ 5 v Kia EV6 review – which is best?!

, but which of these two is best – you see underneath the skin. They are quite similar but externally and to drive. They are very different. Anyway, were going to find out because im going to talk you through their exteriors theyre interiors, show you how practical they are, try out their technology and, […]

Tata Nexon eV in-depth review – see why it’s the best electric car in 20 lakhs!

This is the request button. So, even if you dont have your keys as long as you have them in your pocket, you can just send a request, then open the boot like this. The boot has 650 liters of space Music. Now we are inside tatas. Next, this little beast. As you can see, […]

REAL 2022 Hyundai Grandeur (Azera) EV – "Heritage series Grandeur" – Exterior & Interior review

Granger thats made into full eevee, and this is actually the second heritage series. After this pony ev, so there is the whole eevee lineage of hyundai a lot of people thats, including myself, but i thought ionic electric. This car right here was like kind of a first car that hyundai produced, but you […]

Check Out The CHEAPEST Best Electric Cars You Can Get Today

6 seconds and has a 70 mile capacity, it can use a 22 kilowatt hour fast charger to power up the battery to 80 percent in less than 40 minutes. On the other hand, recharging it entirely at home, using a 7 kilowatt hour wall box will take up to three hours. This is a […]

Maxus EV VAN Specifications, Maxus EV Car Reviews, Maxus EV Car Full Specifications,

Electric cars and luxury vans have become one of the most popular in china, which is why maxis has incorporated these two features into the maxis mifa 9, a luxury electric van. The van is 5270 millimeters long with a front to rear wheelbase of 3200 millimeters, which means it is larger than the mercedes […]


That is so cool stop. That is amazing. So today on is it worth it? Weve got a very special treat well be looking at this kia. Ev6. Yes, weve managed to get our hands on one for you and were going to put it on that scale of work and find out whether its […]

What Happens When My CHEAP Leaf DIES? | Used EV Range Test! – Shot On iPhone 13

I think ive been running it for a while now and its been fantastic and ive been wanting to bring you one piece of content in particular for a while, and it is the range test and todays the day. Im gon na deliver for you, ive seen the comments. I know youve been waiting […]

2022 EQS 450+ Sedan REVIEW | 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan Luxury EV

Make sure you subscribe leave a comment and tell me what you think about the new eqs. 450 plus 2022 lets go the 2022 mercedes benz equivalent sedan is a flagship of the brands electrified future and one of the fanciest evs ever the sizeable ev sedan is offered with a 329 horsepower rail drive […]

⭐The Best Electric Kettles – 2021 Top 5 Review

That requires a precise temperature. An electric kettle might be your new best friend, boiling water and holding your desired temperature. Electric kettles provide a swift way to heat water without a stove, making it easy for you to brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea. Out of all the kettles. Weve, looked at […]