2022 BYD ATTO 3 60.5kWh | Sgcarmart Reviews

I mean this is a BYD mask and you know they make a lot of masks. They actually have the worlds largest mask factory and according to them, they can make up to 5 million masks a day, which is just a crazy number right, but obviously they are more than just mask makers. They […]

2022 Electric Mitsubishi Airtrek EV Review. Awesome SUV

The new mitsubishi air trek reviving an old name plate used on the first generation outlander. The battery powered suv was developed by gac mitsubishi motors co, the japanese automakers vehicle production and sales joint venture in china. In terms of dimensions, the air trek measures, four thousand six hundred and thirty millimeters long, one […]

Pure EV E Tryst 350 – Range test I English Review

As you all know, these days, evs electric vehicles really are the big range in the market and they really are the future and you can talk about cars. Bikes scooters, even trucks and buses. Everything is going to be very soon and weve already showcased the pure e range of scooters, as well as […]

Honda E city electric car with me for the hottest day recorded. Real world range & efficiency test!

My name is richard simons, and this video is going to be about the honda e, what a fantastic little quirky retro car. This is ive not even been in one or driven one before so. My first time in a honda e and big. Thank you to horizon honda in christchurch for the loan […]

2022 Mazda MX -30 Electric Vehicle ("Two Dads" Review) | BRRRRM Australia

It is definitely got a lot of external design, cues um yeah, absolutely its um. Its great the mazdas got a fully electric car now on the market. Yeah its its what master calls a suv, coupe um and its got hints of the old mazda rx 8. Do you remember the suicide doors yeah? […]

NEW 2022 GMC Hummer EV First Edition interior quality check

I finally got it. The new hummer ev first edition were gon na. Do a full review on this one and show you guys the interior quality for those of you who are new to the channel. What i basically do is i hop inside of mostly luxury cars or expensive cars or even interesting […]

Toyota's New Electric Car Shocks the Entire Car Industry

The bz4x 260 of these crossovers have already been delivered, but heres the thing toyota already issued a safety recall. It turns out that the wheels can fall off literally it just didnt, get off on the right foot or should we say, wheels today, im talking about the bz 4x toyotas. First, fully battery […]

2022 BMW i4 M50 | The Ultimate Driving Machine Goes Electric

This here is as far and as fast as you can take it. The i4 m50 with high performance package, the key ingredient of which are these newly developed 20 inch pirelli p0 summer use tires wider in the rear, though the base i4e drive 40 on 18 inch wheels delivers 301 miles of driving […]


We have done the video. We are still thinking whether to go for that car or not, because the petrol prices in india is soaring really high, and today i have my younger son reynolds with me. Once again, a car lover say: hi, hello, okay, so we are still thinking whether to go for […]

Toyota Has An INSANE New EV Lineup

Toyota is making a big splash now that it is back on track by releasing seven all new evs. What is the automakers plan to reclaim the top rank in the ev market? What do toyota electric vehicles have to offer join us as we go into the specifics of toyotas, shocking unveiling of seven […]