Kia Soul EV used buyer's guide & review – Clever boxy EV with a long range / Electrifying

Let anyone try and convince you that its a small suv or a crossover, its basically the same size as a vw golf or a hyundai kona, its just a bit more boxy. Looking do i like the shape? I will say, though, there is one positive about being the same shape as a postman. […]

NEW Range Rover 2022 static review: seriously luxurious with EV arriving in 2024

It does look a little bit like the previous one, but i guess if it aint broke, dont fix it. There are some pretty subtle differences, though first thing is. We have a new grille with a kind of more i dont know what i call it. Rectangular design just looks a little bit sharper […]

NEW Ford Mustang Mach-E GT review – better than a Tesla Model Y? | What Car?

But is it any good in this review were going to tell you that and were also going to run through everything that you need to know about this suv. But before we start, if you want a great deal on your next new car, go to and for lots more video reviews make […]


Today we have a very special opportunity to drive the hummer ev. Now theres been a lot of excitement about this vehicle, not just because its an electric truck, but it does a lot of really cool things and it could be a daily driver, not just the crab walk where it can go sideways, […]

2022 XPeng P7 EV [Update] Full Review

In february. It will be upgraded with spins navigation, guided pilot and gp, a tesla autopilot, rivaling autonomous driving function, Music compared with the gallic looking g3. The p7 has a far sleeker italianate flare to its design and is a sizable but minimalistic sports saloon, roughly the size of the bmw 5 series as […]

One of China's strangest Electric Cars yet? | HiPhi X Review

So i really dont know how to begin this. This is a another suv from china, its another new ev brand, and this being the most expensive chinese ev ever produced. I had very very high expectations and boy. Oh boy has this car met them, however, with a few caveats so lets find out […]

Tesla Model Y vs Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs Kia EV6 – Mega electric crossover shootout / Electrifying

Judging by the amount of them. I see on the roads every day and the why well, this car is set to be a more practical family, friendly version, one that doesnt require you to re mortgage, your house and yes, i am looking at you model x, so you know what the y is. […]

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Electric SUV 2022 review | Australia

I need to do one thing subscribe to our channel back in february. Simone and jenny gave you a sneaky sampler of the ioniq 5 and why it was setting new benchmarks. Just one example is the incredible length to wheelbase ratio, which translates to a reasonably compact body, yet heaps of space, not to […]

Volvo C40 Recharge First Drive Review | It Comes One Way: Fully Loaded

The c40 is the coupe like sibling to the xc40 recharge, with a more swept back appearance. Unlike the xc40, though, this is the first volvo model that will be exclusively battery electric born in guns. Lets take a look at this new crossover on its home turf here in belgium Applause. The 2022 volvo […]

Honda e Advance 30k EV Review Range Acceleration Top Speed Charging Handling Tech Top

Hondas evie is perfect for the city Music, Music, Music. What is it so? The honda e is a tiny rear. Wheel, drive super mini aimed squarely at the likes of the mini electric and the renault zoe. Its got a tiny turning circle. This gorgeous retro inspired design and a sense of everything in […]