2021 Kia Niro EV EX P.O.V Review

Today we have the 2021 kia nero exev, so this is the full electric nero uh yeah this things: pretty sweet: 41 580, the cold weather pack, uh carpeted, floor mats and the wheel locks. Only options on this one finished in gravity blue over charcoal good amount of rear seat space biggest indicator. This […]

Tata Nexon EV #Dark Edition Review | Nexon EV Dark XZ+ LUX | Nexon EV Range | Nexon EV Top Speed

So basically, the dark edition is available only in the high end variant, which are the xz plus and xz plus luxury edition, the xz plus dark retails at an extra room price of rupees. Fifteen point: nine: nine lakhs, while the xz plus luxury dark edition retails at an ex showroom price of rupees […]

Subaru Solterra EV: Just a Rebadged BZ4X?

They even released a video recently, while subaru didnt disclose any technical details. We know that this ev is built on the tnga platform. Therefore, we can make some reasonable assumptions. Lets watch subarus new video together and talk about what the japanese car maker has to offer in tv space stay tuned, bakunin live […]

2022 BMW i4 M50 review – a £64,000 electric M car?

It is sunny bavaria, in particular berkshires garden, a lovely little town in the south of bavaria, where no one from history has ever lived, certainly not from the past hundred years, but anyway were here to talk about this, the new bmw i4. This is the fast one. Its bmws all electric drivers car […]

Electric Supercar Range Testing — Garage built EV range

The plan is to show you the footage of the range drives and, along the way, ill give you some comments, things that im finding out along the way through the first 500 miles to test the range i went on several trips, recording both the voltage and mileage From here i can extrapolate the […]

2022 Mazda Mx 30 EV Reviews | E-Skyactive

It has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the evolving ev customer. The goal with the mx 30 was simple: delivered the design, craftsmanship and intuitive driving characteristics of the brand in an all new. All electric vehicle, as with everything we built the design mandate, was to find the […]

New Cupra Born electric car review – DrivingElectric

Its first electric car needs to be as good to drive as its petrol powered siblings. No questions asked, and here is that very first electric car say hello to the cooper born and if it looks familiar, then you wont be surprised to learn that underneath all this sculpted bodywork and between these four […]

MG 5 EV Review | 100% Electric Car

Now this is where mg are standing out a little bit: theres, not many estates. In this price bracket i mean yeah youve got the kia seed, sport wagon or the squad. Youre octavia is there, but even then theyre looking at high end 20 grams 30 grand creeping up depending what sort of spec […]

Shailesh Chandra on Tata Punch NCAP rating, EV and diesel versions & more | Interview| Autocar India

Well, we are in conversation with present passenger vehicle starter motor sales chandra with the punch over here to find out a little bit more about it. Thank you. So much for taking time to speak with us today and um, you definitely created uh, quite a storm. I think yesterday, with the unveil talking […]

36 MPG and 36 Miles of EV Range | 2022 Lexus NX 450 h+ Plug In Hybrid

This is the second best selling lexus model right after the lexus rx, which you could logically see getting a plug in hybrid system at some point in the future, and this is the best selling small luxury crossover in the u.s according to lexus. This is just the start of something new, because over […]