Mattel Disney cars review Racing Red Dinoco Cruz Rameriz (2021 Racing red series)

So this is case k. I accidentally said l. This is case k of 2021 with dewey come on and rich hurry. I did not actually find her. My dad did when he was at work and he found richard Music, but he thought i had her. So i think you got to do it, […]

I’m Getting Arrested for Telling You This

Some of the custom features and the latest cutting edge technologies well see some of the coolest and fastest police cars in the world and well also debunk some common myths along the way so buckle up and lets get going. You know how, in the movies, a cop will leave his police car unattended […]

Unboxing & Review Sally Carreira Disney Pixar Cars Die Cast (Shoope)

A eu tive que trocar e com, vocs podem ver aqui eu comprei esse carro aqui d; certo que um carro muito muito muito bacana como, vocs, podem virar muito muito lindinha, eu recomendo, demais, vocs compararem a srie para coleo de vocs, Caso vocs, no tenham porque era; Uma personagem muito importante, a namorada, […]

Car Review. Free Guy

Time were doing a proper one. This time promise im jordan. This is a beach yeah trying to get its probably not good. Sorry, i was trying to uh. So today we are reviewing free guy. We know that shang chi was released, then that will be coming out soon, but we just havent seen […]

DOMETIC CFX3 Car Fridge – First Impression & Review (why I almost returned it..)

I just had to get out of there, but i found a spot with a little bit of shade, so were gon na get our first impression of this thing and basically guys. So i did a lot a lot of research on these fridges and um. I wanted to get a good one, because […]

Zombot car review

That fell, fall back from being the tournament challenge, king. So today were leaving unboxing him theres a car. We do have this blue one. We need to go over and open it up, so um the batman that one right here. I forgot to tell that in the last clip in the last video […]

watch BEFORE buying the VW Passat in 2021 (Car Negotiation Review)

We just go to hell with the volkswagen passat im gon na, go over to honda or better yet hyundai or kia to try and get a different type of deal and a much better, much newer feeling car, i feel like volkswagen, is really pushing it between not Having enough inventory and lease payments […]

New Freight Cars! A Review with Model Railroad News

What goes into your thought process. Is it road name, scale era, manufacture, theres, an overwhelming amount of possibilities? Im curious to know what goes into your thought process, because this week i have something special that were going to be doing and ive partnered with model railroad news to review these two top shelf […]

Review borracha Anti impacto porta do carro (Car door)

As portas do carro eu comprei eu vi a propaganda achei legalzinho na verdade nunca botei muita, f, bem pessoal, a primeira vista o logotipo achei um pouco uma foto das, vermelho aqui de 1, laranja eu, no sei se, vai funcionar, para muita, coisa, a cola esse aqui, O que vai dizer t achando […]

Review cars (also new car!)

Im only im not going to show any of my other cars that are just there and just yeah theyre, okay, im gon na show you my good ones, the ones that i take pride in. So when i get straight to those i dont know, if you can see it in this shot, lets […]