Lexus UX 300e EV – The First Ever Electric Lexus to Compete Against it's Successful Rivals !

You could also say with thomas and autograful lets: go so can they keep up with the competition with their first try were going to find out frontier, very strong styling, as we know, from recent lexus model, also cool with the daytime running like right here, led standard Matrix led is an option, and […]

Electric Cars and SUV News Digest: 2023 EV Unveils & Future Plans

Countless tv releases have taken place and we are here to summarize the latest news. In short, the electric wave is already here fearing that it will wash them off from the face of the earth. The most reluctant automotive players are jumping on the ev raft and bring to the four quite exciting battery […]

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Segment Is Completely Failing…But Why?

So right now theres a lot of initiatives to make it so that there is no longer going to be internal combustion cars in the next decade or so right. So like the big initiative. Right now is to have the average fuel economy rating by 2026 to be around 50 miles per gallon for […]

Here's Why Honda's New Vehicle is the Future of Electric Cars (Goodbye Tesla)

Well, if you saw that picture of the honda e electric car thats one of their future models, they say its a prototype model, its like a tesla. Cyber truck only done right, its more interesting it isnt as ugly honda had some pretty good engineers on this one check it out. I mean it […]

New Nissan LEAF Review | MotaClarity

It goes further not only in terms of powered up range, but also in its efforts to bring new levels of space, comfort and technology to the full electric part of the family hatchback segment. In short, its a sophisticated statement of just how far battery powered cars have come, whatever your opinion on ev […]

BMW iX xDrive40 fully-electric EV SUV in Malaysia, 5 Things –

First purpose: build fully electric model since 2013.. This is the all new ix suv, and here are the five things that you need to know. Music. Bmw says that the ix has a size similar to that of the x5, the height of the x6 and the wheelhouse size of the x7. But in […]

Family car review: MG ZS EV

The child seat section in this video is brought to you by infosecure in the back of the mg zs. There are isofix in the two outer rear seats – theyre, not within plastic guys, but theyre nice and easy to connect to on the back of all three seat backs are top teller anchorages […]

Best Electric Cars Right Now | Ranking the Tesla Model Y, Porsche Taycan, Rivian R1T & More

Today, well highlight 10 that have received the highest scores in our exhaustive testing.. These 10 EVs are broken up into three categories: sedans, SUVs and trucks.. Before we get going make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit that Like button. And if youre trying to sell your car go to edmunds.comsellmycar to […]

2022 Santa FE HEV (Hybrid EV) and PHEV (Plug-in hybrid EV) Review !!

On hyundai showroom, walk around were going to be taking a closer look at santa fe two ways: im jion your product, specialist and host – and this is the santa fe hybrid and santa fe, plug in hybrid from the get go. Santa fe family of suvs have always been about family adventure with […]

2022 Jaguar I-Pace Review | About As Traditional As An EV Could Possibly Feel…But Is That A Mistake?

That means this is the third suv in jaguars range, alongside the small e and pace and the big effin pace, thats right now. In a sense, the i pace is both of those things. Small and big, that is because, despite being the shortest vehicle of its type electric suvs of a fancy persuasion, […]