ID. Software Update 3.0 for VW ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 "Park Assist Plus with Memory Function" Live Demo

My name is derrick. Riley today were looking at the volkswagen id5, but specifically the software 3.0 across the id range for id3 id4id5 and were looking at the parking assist and the parking assist plus so were going to look at some parallel parking. Some bay parking in the park assist and then the […]

Ford's New Electric Cars are Already Having Major Problems (DO NOT Buy)

They got electrical problems, what a surprise theyre building them in mexico and they have electrical problems, what a shocker theyre, not delivering them, but heres the joke from ford. This is the bs that these corporations put out heres a clarification that ford sent out. Please note: this is not a stop. Sale dealer […]

Renault Megane E-Tech EV60 – Any Good? (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Why keep watching the electric megane is shorter than the megane 4 and even shorter than the megane 3.. It has a longer wheelbase, its taller but narrower strange, but then is an eevee on a new platform. The front is smooth and round, and the air intake is masked in the lower part of […]

Used Peugeot e208 review. Time to ‘baguette’ a brilliant French electric supermini? / Electrifyiing

Now, even though the e208 only came out in late 2019, there are already quite a few coming onto the use market as those initial pcp and lease deals reach the end of their terms. But if youre looking to buy a used one, then there are a few things you should consider before handing […]

The Electric Car Scheme – New EV, Tax Benefit! Really??

Earlier this year it was amazingly encouraging to hear that many viewers were planning on getting an electric vehicle in the next one, two or three years, but what if we could speed this up and get you driving a brand new electric vehicle right now? Well, today, im joined by tom groot from the […]

Volkswagen ID4 | Owner Review 1 Year & 20k Miles | Buy It Again? Too Many Issues?

My name is wes, and this is my ev tips and reviews channel called its electric today im going to be doing a review on my personal eb, which is a 2021 volkswagen id4 first edition that i picked up last may and have since put 20 000 miles On in this video im going […]

This Is The Lightyear Zero! A Crazy Aerodynamic Electric Car That Is Covered In Solar Panels

The weight at a charging station currently delivers charging to your car, your home, the office wherever you want. It download the app and use promo code out of spec and get 30 days of free charging delivery. Hey guys, im jordan, golson and im here in spain with the light year, zero, which is […]

My Review of Spring Free EV

I have mentioned this a few times already. I want to go into more depth and detail and talk about the spring free, ev company and their platform and what they offer and how it can help you. So before i get into that click below grab the five things you must do before starting […]

Driving the SMALLEST Car in Japan | Toyota's First Electric Car Review

This video were going to be picking up another car and were going to be taking you along for the ride, and this car is the smallest car. That is currently made by toyota and its actually the first electric car that you can actually buy from toyota. Um, albeit you, can only buy it […]

BMW i4 Full In-Depth Review – Shot 100% on an Insta360 ONE X2

My name is derek reilly. Today we are with the bmw i4. Specifically the e drive 14, if youre subscribed to the channel. Youll know that ive already reviewed the m50 version, if you havent already subscribed, please do so were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers before the end of the year and […]