The next Mercedes EV with 1000 km 600 miles range! Mercedes EQXX REVEAL

Follow me, thomas on autography, here with a look at the mercedes eqxx. This shows us design, technology, efficiency and future materials, probably for most or all electric vehicles at mercedes, and you can see here in the front its first of all. All the way closed for the best wind efficiency, then the daytime […]

BYD electric car e6 review

Remember, if necessary, please press menu, switch on the steering wheel to schedule charging timer maximum speed. This is Music is Music Applause. This one Music, foreign Music, foreign Music, is Music Music. Second generation Music lets go talk about Music, this foreign Music, Music, Music, yes, Music, huh, Music, this foreign, a 57.

Kia EV6 vs Volkswagen ID.4 – Which is the best family electric car? / Electrifying

That is so true, but no more. In fact, these days wow, we actually think the best cars are not necessarily from the brand. You might expect absolutely true. The electric revolution has really scuppered badge snobbery. You basically want the best car, not the flashiest badge thats, not true at all. You still want […]

Audi e-Tron REVIEW 2021 – Is The SUV A Good Car? Ultimate Guide | Tesla EV World

Now that size crossovers either on the market or about to be released today.. The primary disadvantage of the Audi ETron is the price Audi. Etron SUV is a good electric vehicle want to learn top speed of 124 miles per hour.. This is one of the major standing on the side of the road […]

Euler HiLoad EV Review | Electric Three Wheeler | Price, 150KM Range, 688Kg Payload, Four Models

This is the latest electric cargo, three wheeler in the indian market and possibly the most advanced yet, and we are here to find out what it is. All about i, for one am super excited to take it out for a spin, so lets go three wheeling when looked at from a distance, the […]

EQXX NEW MERCEDES EV with 1000KM Range!! Full In-Depth Review Exterior Interior Infotainment

So this is the new mercedes, benz vision, eqxx, the most efficient mercedes benz ever made – and this is the most efficient electric car also ever made. So this is just crazy, so the vision eqx is the future of electric cars, how it sees mercedes benz going into the future. So here we […]

Review Citroen Ami – EV teraneh di dunia!

Type v8 now bear with me. You see. I know that the ami is a little electric car which, if youre in france, you can drive from the age of 14, but just like that old jaguar. They both cost around five and a half thousand pounds see its the same anyway. In this video […]

First drive review: Lucid Air | Next Electric Car

I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and the engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd. Like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video […]

Future Japanese Electric Sports Cars, Trucks & SUVs: What Vehicles are Coming after 2022?

However, today japanese car makers seem to be warming up to the zero emission movement and are planning on going all electric in the next decade. Lets analyze the latest news and review upcoming japanese models that will roll off production lines beyond 2022 latest additions to hondas electrified lineup are represented by a next […]

Tata Nexon EV is not cost effective | Nexon EV is not profitable | Complete Malayalam review

14, basn organnn savno and ezik sarn sarn, like Sana dinle, 14 bu, Okey, o Allah raz olsun Samet oraya, iyi, bir, beis, moruk, ad hamurlu, bu, hali, yaad, burada ben de Base, Mora deil, sifting, XE Lite sanatlar round skinler Day, salad, sowon de 1410, doru Price appo, ile bir, ffann, sabret, durum Yiit, […]