Collecting my NEW electric car…you'll never guess what is is !

For this car ill talk more about it when we get on our way, but its an exciting day, because im going to be picking up my new handy car today and im not going to give too much away. Apart from the fact, this might give you a hint that car charger ive got […]

Should You Wait for 2022? | 2021 Kia Niro EV SX Touring Review

Well folks, two years ago i featured the kia niro electric and we really liked it its a very affordable, functional and very well equipped little electric car. We did about 400 plus kilometers, fully electric, no stopping nothing stop to go, which is pretty good for an electric car, its been two years since […]

New 2021 MG 5 SW EV electric estate car review – DrivingElectric

Imagine a brand new mg model to be so well plain. This has got to be one of the most low key electric cars you can buy. Of course, for some buyers the understated looks matched with its practical estate. Body could be just what theyre after, but were here to find out what its […]

Tata Tigor EV – Car Girls India first drive review. This is an interesting product from Tata Motors.

Welcome to cargills india, Music, you know tata has been upping its eevee game. It started off with the tata nexon and now we have indias most affordable electric car, which is this beautiful, babe right here, the tata tagore ev, starting at just 11.99 lakhs. How cool is that? The powertrain is new in […]

Rendezvous With The Tata Tigor EV | Review | Motoring Trends

Ah today, weve got an electric vehicle for a review. It is a new decor, ev Music. It becomes a completely new culture where we are so much used to driving conventional icy engine vehicles, and here is a vehicle that does not make any noise Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So so here is a […]

The Honda e Is My Favorite City EV! Here’s Why

You join me in munich with the honda e. This car has so much personality. Let me show you around it. Take a look at this face its so pleasant, of course, lets pop the charging port. You can see type 2 on the top ccs on the bottom. It does about 50 kilowatt peak, […]

Tata Tigor EV First drive review

Now this one is quite special and ive teased about it in the previous video if you watched it in full um yeah. So this one is about an electric about, oh hey, folks, so welcome to another video at car thrust and now, if you think that my tone is a bit post its […]

Driving The Highly Anticipated Kia EV6 For The First Time!

Ev6 thats right were going to be running this car through all of our testing. Doing charging testing range testing and so much more, but of course we have to start with our first drive so join us now for the first drive of the kia ev6. This is the all wheel, drive gt line […]

2021 Tata Tigor EV Telugu Review | Tata Tigor EV variants, features, price

67 meters, height 1.53 meters and wheelbase 2.45 meters. Ground clearance, Music, Music, Music, Music, permanent magnet synchronous, Music, kilometers, Music, foreign, Music, Music, petrol, Music, Music, a Music Music pocket, slow mother, only half liter water bottle. Surprise gloss black finishing tone. The local door handle evenly electric power window switches.

Mercedes G Wagon EV (EQG Concept) – Interior and Exterior Details [Full review]

We provide you useful information that it will help you to lift the luxury. If you are new here, welcome and consider subscribing Music models are being added fast to mercedes electric benzs portfolio, with the most recent being the high performance amg version of the eqs which was unveiled earlier this year. This eqg […]