EV Materials Cost Twice As Much As ICE; $4,500 Union EV Incentive Dead – Autoline Daily 3352

The show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry, elon musk, says tesla is losing billions of dollars on its new assembly plants in austin and berlin. But as anyone in the auto industry knows thats true of every single new assembly plant, they dont start making money until they get up to full […]

Drones From Digilite | Digilite Drone Services | RenewX Expo | Electric Vehicles

So digilight networks is the service based company. So now lets go inside and lets. Have it talk with them? Come with me so now uh, mr surya agm of this company is with us so hello, sir hello. So first of all may know what kind of products that you are offering from your […]

2022 AUDI Q4 e-tron – EV Compact SUV from the Audi – Review

If you want the middle version, which is the q440 each one that starts at 47 500 and if you want to have the top one. Its the car that were driving, then you have to expect something around 53 000, with the width of one meter 87. The q4 e tron is rather compact […]

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2022 Hybrid Range Rover 🔌🚙 New Electric Range Rover Sport, Review, Range, Model, 🌩 EV Range Rover

The 2022 range rover is all set to launch, except for the sv, which will be released in 2023. The standard wheelbase would retail at 104 000, while the more extended wheelbase form is a little pricier at 156 000. What stays exceptional and fascinating is the seven seater variation retailing at 110 000. Despite […]

EXCLUSIVE!!! Lightyear Zero (2023): First Test Drive Video Review

Ten years ago, five students from the netherlands participated on a solar race in australia and somehow got the taste of solar energy and cars. A few years later, they founded a company now theyre 500 people and theyre ready for production with the light year. Zero. If you want to know what to expect […]

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review

The i4 is in fact, the bmw groups, third, electric vehicle in india after the bmw ix and mini cooper. Se, the bmw i3 had been the start of the groups ev journey all those years ago, but it never launched here. Sadly, so lets get a sense of perspective in terms of where this […]

Mercedes-Benz EQS – Full Review of the Most Luxurious EV I've Ever Driven.

My name is derek reilly. We are on the wild atlantic way just outside blacksod in county mayo, on the mullet peninsula, stunning surroundings and i couldnt think of a better place to show off the mercedes benz eqs, specifically the 450 plus, which is the entry level version, were going to have a Walk […]

New Korean Electric Minivans To Kill Off SUV Craze? Hyundai Stargazer EV and Kia Carnival EV

The ultimate crossover vehicles are now more popular than ever once stereotyped as a default vehicle for soccer. Moms minivans of today are now more car, like than ever with the styling that mimics an suv and advancements in technology use of unibody platform derived from passenger vehicles, running gears and power plants that are […]

Citroen e-SpaceTourer UK Review 2022 – Best EV for Large Families!

Take on this concept. The e space tourer in 50 kilowatt hour form it wont, go particularly far on a single charge but itll seat up to nine help. You move house or function as a kind of executive minibus or without using a drop of fuel Music. Very soon, no segment of the automotive […]