Subaru Solterra – 1st Look

My name is Derek Riley. Today we are at the Subaru soltera, and the question is: why would you go for Toyota? Music have some notes with me, because I didnt think I was going to be looking at this character today. So its great to have the EXP the chance to get in and […]

What is EV Subscription by ONTO? | FIAT 500e Review | Most STYLISH Electric City-Car? | 4K

Signing up to onto is easy, simply create an account on their easy to use website and send them your driving license. Details theyll then check these details with the dvla and assuming you have no more than six points on your license. You should be accepted without any problems, then you simply just browse […]

Don't Buy An Electric Car! – watch this ONTO review first

I know if youve got your eyes on an EV car today, this time. Next year, theres going to be a bigger and better next gen version of that car available. So listen here, real quick theres, a few options available to us. You could rent a car, you could buy a car, you could […]

NEW FIAT 500 ELECTRIC REVIEW | An Icon Turned Great Value EV | ONTO Subscription |

Cars welcome to another video Welcome to the Fiat 500e, and if you want to find out how you can get a Fiat 500e on your driveway for less than 500 pound and keep watching. This video was brought to you by the guys at onto the UKs largest car Subscription Service. They have kindly […]

ORA FUNKY CAT FIRST DRIVE! Will Ora’s £32k electric hatch leave you feline fine? / Electrifying

It is called the aura funky cat now this is the newest brand to arrive here in the electric car market in the UK. So the big question is: will it leave us feeling fine after driving it? Will it claw its way into our favorites? Well, remember two subscribe to our Channel put the […]

Mercedes Benz EQB review – the small seven-seat EV without seven seats

Although this ones only got five seats, Music, the eqb is effectively the electric version of the glb its built on the same platform and has the same proportions with Mercedes chucking. Its familiar EQ styling touches on top Mercedes will sell the model here in two trim levels. The single motor two wheel, drive […]

Ora Funky Cat 2023 review

Ive ever heard of this is the aura funky cat. Now regular viewers on my channel will know this isnt the first time Ive had some time with this car. I was actually able to have a good poke around the aura funky cat over a year ago, and I was able to give you […]

Next-Gen 2023 Peugeot 605 EV Sedan Electric Range Reviews

This is the pajoya 605 presents an electric vehicle Concepts that could serve as the French automakers perfect range topper brought to life by the Chilean designer Carlos mm who lives in Milan Italy. The six not five presence, has been designed around a platform: housing, a 100 kilowatt per hour lithium and battery pack, […]

NIO ET5 – 1st Look

My name is Derek Riley. We are at the fleet, Europe Summit here in the convention center in Dublin, and we are on the Neo stand now um. This Fleet Europe Summit is very much focused on rental fleets, business fleets, Etc. Et cetera, so theres lots of different models available Ill, do a quick […]

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT Review

This bolt is featured in a white paint finish and is the 1lt trim under the hood. We have our electric motor compared to a one speed automatic transmission as well as front wheel, drive inside the vehicle five passenger seating on our jet black cloth, seating surfaces. We have heated seats in the front […]