Mahindra XUV400 Review – How Good Is This Electric SUV?​ | Overdrive | CNBC-TV18

So in the meantime, we have this the mahindra xuv400, which, as the name suggests, is the electrified version of the xuv300 and will take on the likes of the nexon ev max and the zscv, and so here were driving it today at mahindras proving tracks outside of Chennai to see exactly what mahindra […]

Mahindra XUV 400 Electric SUV Review

The automaker has unveiled the xuv400, a car that, in its concept, form was first seen at the auto expo 2020, while the actual launch is still some time away. We got to spend some time with the upcoming electric compact suv compared to the xuv300. The face of the xb40 is quite different. There […]

2023 Genesis G80 EV | Electric Experiments

What youre left with is the same g80 weve done several videos on you can go back and watch those im gon na hit you with the highlights the highlights are: this is one of the best luxury car interiors in terms of refinement, quietness assembly and material choice. You have a great blend of […]

Biden's Plan for Electric Cars Was Just Made Illegal

Historically, it came with a v8 option, but the newest model doesnt even offer the same reason why we see more turbo, v6s and vehicles that traditionally came with v8s and that impacts car reliability. The reason for all this is also related to why evs are getting promoted. More heres the thing, the organization […]

NEW MG ZS EV Excite 2022 In-Depth Walkaround, Interior, Exterior — New Zealand and Australia

This video ill show you the all new mg, zs evx sight, so the x sight is more like a base model of the zscb train, so the drivetrain is the same. We get the same battery package, a 51 kilo battery or 50.6 to be exact and a 130 kilowatts, motor or power motor, […]

PURE ePLUTO 7G 2022 electric scooter Review in Kannada | #electricscooter #epluto7g #ev #kannada

So and then we got it made in china actually but tied up with made in india, pure evil, hyderabad foreign once again and then third foreign, so around 40 to 45 kilometers, 350 rupees foreign foreign, foreign, 44 kilometers. So hopefully they get a complete review.

Mini Cooper Electric 2023 review: Is fun and funky enough for you to choose this EV? 4K

I think its one of the most underrated electric cars on sale in australia now and i think that, because it takes on challenges that other electric cars dont, it doesnt brag about its range, it doesnt brag about its sustainability or how many recycled materials it uses. This car focuses on driving, and that […]

FIRST EVER Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo | Car Review

Electric vehicles on the market. And Porsche is methodically expanding. This initiative that inspires passion with several different chassis modifications, such as the Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo.. This is the kind of progression that Porsche is known for., Because Porsche took the astute choice to maintain the simplicity of their model names. The Taycan […]

2022 Skoda Enyaq iV RS Review | A look at Skoda’s electric future we can expect in India | autoX

They have access to the Volkswagen groups, Meb platform and what we are driving today could be making it to India in 2023. This, of course, is the eniac coupe in the RS version, which is the full fat most powerful version of the enyak coupe available, its 295 BHP, almost 500 kilometers range, which […]

2022 Mahindra XUV400 review – Mahindra's first electric SUV | First Drive | Autocar India

Thanks to the arrival of this mahindras. First, electric suv, the xuv400 – and we are at mahindras state of the art testing facility in chennai. To tell you exactly what it feels like from behind the wheel: Music right off the bat, it is evident that mahindra wanted to make sure this has an […]