All-New Renault Megane E-Tech Electric Walk Around Review | Stylish EV with Google Built-in! | [4K]

Today, if youd like to find out more and see our latest deals, please visit us at or search Smiths Renault Peterborough. The McGann is built on renaults new dedicated cmf EV platform, which pushes the wheels right to the front and rear bumpers maximizing the space inside the cabin without compromising on the […]

2023 BMW iX1 Review, the Bavarian Brand's Smallest EV

We had hoped that the move to electrification might shrink the world a little by allowing different parts of the globe to share the same models, especially EVS, based on existing combustion cars. Yet, although BMW is going to be selling gasoline powered versions of the new X1 in the United States, there are no […]

MG5 EV Long Range £35,000 தமிழ் Tamil Car Review #KuttiHari #tcr #MG #mg5 #electriccars

Thank you. It is 60 Ford. It is unfold Plus in the relationship foreign foreign, oh yeah, foreign foreign foreign, said my butt Elena system, adaptive cruise control, foreign foreign layer very impressed psych motors electric vehicle is foreign foreign.

This CHEAP Electric Car Is The Ultimate All-Rounder

This is going to be sensible, sensible journalism. This is the new mg5, and this is the fully charged show like the fully charred show. Then you will love our six live, shows being held around the world in 2023, starting with Sydney, Australia on March the 11th and 12th so mg5. What have we […]


Bluetooth connected digital meter console hassle, free charging with regular 5A plug hundred percent charge in 4 Hour steel gear direct drive, transmission to riding mode Eco and Sport, Pelion footrest full LED horseshoe headlamp with TRL LED turn indicator and stop light side stand power cut off.

Volkswagen ID.4 2022 Review – First Drive

Suv that measures a little bit longer than the conventional Volkswagen Tiguan now were expecting this vehicle. In showrooms, in late 2023, but before then weve been afforded a sneak peek right here in Australia. Lets see how it measures up. Music A4 is confirmed as Volkswagens first EV in Australia. However, it is not […]

Polestar 2: potent, good looking EV

Before jumping into the pole, star 2, I have a brief request: support family Wheels simply by giving us a like it helps spread. The word subscribe and click the little bell, so youll be notified when a review is published and share your thoughts with me and your fellow viewers by writing a comment […]

Ora Funky Cat review – what this new electric car from China is REALLY like | What Car?

But what is it and whats it like in this review were telling you the 10 key things that you need to know about this car. But first, if you want a great deal on your next car, go to and to see lots more reviews like this subscribe to our Channel, you probably […]

This Is the EV of the Year! (Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo 2023 review w/ range and charging test)

I know that sounds crazy. It makes me sound out of touch, but in this video Im going to explain how Porsche threw everything but the kitchen sink at developing the tycon and ended up with a truly phenomenal Porsche, not just a phenomenal EV and Im going to tell you why. I think the […]

Lexus RZ electric SUV review: Prototype EV drive | With the steering yoke!

But what they dont realize is that Toyotas luxury brand has actually been a bit of an industry disrupter leading in the areas of quality, craftsmanship, refinement and customer service. Now Lexus is at it again with the all new RZ, its second battery electric vehicle, but the first built on a dedicated EV platform […]