GoEV | All New 2022 Kia EV6 Full Review | The best EV on the market?

The kia ev6 gt line s Music, so this is the gt line, s so thats heading towards the top end of the scale for kia. With this model, we see its got. These 20 inch alloy wheels, which look fantastic, really striking design and sort of cutter design on their wheel. Moving over this […]

Nissan LEAF Electric Car – Walkaround & Review

This video will help you understand, which one best fits. What youre? Looking for the 2020 nissan leaf, s features an epa range up to 149 miles. Leaf, s is available in five exterior colors. The s has smart wheel covers its headlights, make a stylish statement at night. They can automatically turn on for […]

New Tesla Model Y Review | 2022 Tesla UK road test | Autocar

In a way, a three suv based on the same platform. It is 50 millimeters or two inches longer than a three and 180 millimeters, or about 7 inches taller just over an inch of that 27 mil goes into increasing the ride height, so the rest of the height is in the body making […]

Electric Vehicle In India | Benefits Of Buying EV | E Mobility | MG ZS | Tata Nexon EV |Hyundai Kona

My name is rajesh roy and you are watching. This is the second video regarding electric vehicles, electric vehicles over Music, Music, Music, Music, um. What you want, foreign Music foreign is Music. Thank you! So much for watching the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx71kGfTFe0

The 2023 Sono Sion: The Self-Charging EV | Review, Pricing, Specs

Instead of the previously planned 35 kilowatt hours battery capacity, the cyan will get a 54 kilowatt hours battery with lfp technology, while the cyan is billed as an affordable, solar car. To be fair, there are not exactly any other solar cars yet on the market with a 120 kilowatts motor, it should also […]

Hyundai Ioniq 5 UK Review: An outstanding electric car

. The hyundai ioniq 5 is significant for a lot of reasons. First of all, its a huge turning point for the brand itself. Yes, hyundai has just launched its premium genesis brand, but clearly, hyundai itself is also going upmarket. With this i mean just look at it. The styling is fantastic. It looks […]

New MG ZS EV Review | MotaClarity

You could consider the mg zs ev its an suv, its sensibly priced and its well equipped if ultimate driving range capacity. Isnt. A top priority and youre buying on a budget you might rather like it. The zscv is powered by a 44.5 kilowatt hour. Water cooled lithium ion battery, which has a wltp […]

MG ZS EV 2021 Review | 155km Drive Vlog | Rasuwagadi To Kathmandu

How about you – and here we go huh foreign. So this is the mgjs, a powerful and elegant machine with three phase permanent magnet synchronous motor with max power of 140.8 bhp. At 3, 500 rpm only max stocks escort 350 and msi at 5000, rpm only it is powered by a 44.5 kilowatt […]

2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV Walkaround | Price & Review

overview cadillacs first entrant into the luxury electric vehicle market will be the lyric suv, which offers sharp styling and a modern cabin Music. Cadillac says that both single motor rear wheel, drive and dual motor all wheel drive models will be offered and that its new suv will have a driving range of more […]

Mercedes-Benz EQA Review | The Smallest Mercedes Electric Car Is A Luxury Bargain!

So if i do right, everyone – apologies, hopefully youll know what i mean in context. Lets review the aqa. So i reviewed the mercedes gla not that long ago. Just roll the tip now jaw big fat, a class today, one of three big fat, a classes that you can get at the moment, […]