NEW Ford F-150 Lightning 2023 Review: A Plug-and-Play EV | Best Electric Pickup Truck

Ironically, the first to make headlines the Tesla cyber truck is mostly an illusion. While Legacy automakers have designed, launched and started mass producing their own, its almost as a Ford and GM knew that selling trucks is a hell of a lot more profitable than just promising them. The 2022 Ford F, 150 Lightning […]

New GWM ORA Funky Cat review: The small EV to beat? – DrivingElectric

Even though sticks you throw for dogs dont, you not cats, but regardless, if you can ignore the name. Is this the new small EV to be lets find out at launch theres, just one funky cat to choose from the launch edition that you see here? Well, talk about the battery stats in a […]

Is It Any Good? 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning EV REVIEW | MotorTrend Buyer's Guide

How far can you travel? How much does it cost and is this the best truck out there were here to find out Ford Academy, building the F series truck since 1948.. It started with the F1, then came the F 100 and the F 150 came in 1975.. The power boost came as a […]


, The Lexus RZ, the Japanese automakers. First, all electric SUV represents a big step forward for Toyotas luxury brand.. The Lexus RZ 450e may seem similar to the RX at first sight, but upon closer inspection, the RZ is more similar to its platform, siblings. The Toyota bZ4X, which we have reviewed, make sure […]

2022 Volvo Electric C40 First Drive First Drive REVIEW

While I was following whoever I was following that looked very cool but its solid, so its not as cool as I thought, its just a hinge cover if the shape looks smooth its because it shares its basic structure, its platform, the batteries and even the manufacturing process. And facility with pole, Stars pole, […]

Mg ZS EV Review in Telugu

How can I help climate control is on okay, open, sunroof, Nissan, okay, thats, a good thing.

Kia EV Niro Review

My car has been charged 100 percent right and he will give me 250 mileage. However, if you go their website, you can see they are advertising to 85, so thats mean if your car charge 250. Now you tell me, how can you use 285 miles, youre, never gon na use 285. When you […]

EV Ramblings Review – Lectron Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter

Everybody welcome to another EV rambling video. My name is Dustin and today Im going to be doing something very different from my channel Im going to be reviewing a product that a company sent me now, this company specializes in electric vehicle Chargers and accessories and adapters – and this is a product that […]

Kia Niro EV: No, there still is no such thing as a good, inexpensive electric car.

Seven dollars a gallon. Well to add insult to injury, theyre, the members of the US government that have made the suggestion. Well, if you dont, like gas, that much just go buy an electric car, so it made me think: is there such thing as an inexpensive electric car Music? Okay, so I admit […]

New 2022 Fiat 500e EV review // 0-60 a hot hatch would be proud of

Oh it actually handles really really good Music hi, guys Alex Peak Performance reviews, welcome to another Vlog and welcome to another car review, and this time were in an EV and we are in the Fiat. 500E. Obviously, EB and electric um first pure electric 500, now its rocking 130 horsepower and great affordability, […]