First Look Review: Audi e tron | Next Electric Car

I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments down below in todays video […]

Rivian R1T review – 0-60mph, 1/4-mile & off-road tested!

Only you can actually buy it. You know what that felt a little bit like being born again, and i dont mean in the religious way anyway, in this video im, going to tell you all about this truck im going to talk you around the exterior im going to show you, the interior im, […]

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Review

This is the 2022 mercedes benz eqs and its the first ev only model in the lineup and its very, very good Music. A quick note before we dive in we started the week in the mercedes benz eqs 580, and we were planning to fully review that one. But we got a screw in […]

2024 Chevy Silverado EV: FIRST LOOK REVIEW!

The silverado is the companys cash cow. The lions share of its profits. General motors has one chance not to mess this up unless they end up poisoning their most profitable watering hole. So that all being said, lets take a look at what theyve cooked up. This is the 2024 chevy silverado ev lets […]

An electric strategy saving £,£££s thousands 💷 – Full year Solar PV review

This time, im going to cover the year end results for 2021 and the reason why i want to do it. An annual review for this is because theres a huge contrast between what happened in december, which was an abysmal month and hardly any solar generation. But then, when looking at the total year, […]

2021 home energy review solar, battery, EV cars

Ill also incorporate the monthly update for December in the mix.. So stay tuned, Hi John here, thanks for tuning in., If youre watching this in early January well and Happy New Year to you., If youre not, then perhaps its happy Spring happy Summer, happy Autumn, happy Winter, whatever., Ive split this video down […]

EV City Car Test | Smart EQ vs E-UP! vs Mii electric vs Citigo-E | 4K

The evs youre going to want to buy, if you like your car to be as small as possible today were going to be driving the volkswagen e up at the same time well be discussing its very closely related brothers, the say at me and the skoda city Go and were going to be […]

Upcoming Next Gen Tata Nexon EV 2022 First look! Review

What we know so far tata has continued the same front. Fascia design featuring a sealed, total humanity line, faux grill along with dual beam, led headlamps with integrated drls on each side. The continuations are carried to the side profile that sports the sloping couple like roofline and roof rails that we have seen […]

2023 Chevrolet Silverado – Review

It sets the bar for traditional truck capability and completely reimagines. What a truck can be. We will offer several variants of the silverado ev, starting with a work truck and a higher end rst model in late 2023. Our clean slate approach allowed us to create a new body architecture which efficiently leverages the […]

The New Electric Car !! REVIEW 2022 Nio ET5. |Price|Engine|Power|Interior|BatteryConsumption|

New et5 is a rakish compact saloon aimed squarely at the tesla model 3. unveiled at the firms. Annual neoday showcase. The et5 is the brands fifth production model, joining the ec5 es6 and es8 suvs and the upcoming et7 luxury saloon. It is priced from the equivalent of 38 935 pounds in china, including […]