2022 MG ZS EV Review – 6 minutes

The zs ev is powered by a water cooled lithium ion battery, which offers a vastly longer driving range than this models original rod. Feeble 44 kilowatt hour battery, which only took the car 163 miles. The entry point to the lineup is these days marked by a 51 kilowatt hour battery, which can take […]

The Longest Range EV I've Tested! Mercedes EQS 450+ (107.8kWh) 70-MPH Highway Range Test

This is the 450 plus, which is the big battery. We only get the big battery in the us 107.8 kilowatt hour usable and then, of course, this ones the rear wheel, drive being the 450.. The 580 is the same battery, but with all wheel, drive ill walk you through the testing procedures and […]

This Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars

Their limits and what causes ev batteries to catch on fire. Well also, look at wireless charging, which many consumers havent heard of yet so hop in and lets get going so youre on a road trip, youre driving down a highway with your family and your brand new ev, the suns shining life is […]

[ IONIQ 1 – IONIQ 9 ] The Complete Coverage! Hyundai's New 11 Model EV Lineup!

87 million units annually by the year 2030.. This is revised from hyundais plan last year, which included 13 ev models in the lineup and to sell 1.7 million units annually by the year 2026, but that was for all of the hyundai motor group, including kia kia, has its own plan of selling 1.2 […]

2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review

The hyundai ioniq 5 is available in two flavors. A two wheel drive option with a single 160 kilowatt electric motor at the rear. Coming in at seventy one thousand nine hundred dollars, and this example, the four wheel, drive dual motor setup with 155 kilowatt motor at the back and a 70 kilowatt motor […]

New Volvo C40 2022 Review

You cannot get it at all with dead animal skin, aka leather. Also, while this may look like a gas guzzling, pointless suv, its actually only available as an electric vehicle. Now, in this video im going to talk, you around the exterior the interior im going to see how practical it is, try out […]

New MG5 EV Long Range Review | MotaClarity

In 2020, the company announced its second zero emissions model. The mg5 evs 8 then improved it a year later, with a larger 61 kilowatt hour battery to create the mg5 ev long range model that were going to look at here. This, the uks first and cheapest ev estate offers a 250 mile combined […]

WINTER TEST ! 2022 Kia Niro EV – Review

The nero ev was launched back in 2019, its a nice mix of an edge box with an suv, but the technology we found under the hood of this tv model dates back to three to four years ago. Well see on the road today, if this old technology can still compete with the latest […]

OLA S1 Pro Electric Scooter Customer Review | Electric Vehicles |

So lets start the video now mr prashant, with us to share his experience on ola s1 pro hello, mr prashant. How are you im fine, so, first of all welcome to our electric vehicles channel. Yes, so please introduce yourself to our u.s, hello, everyone. My name is sai prashant. I am 19 years […]

20 Rupees = 120KMS Pure Ev Etrance Neo 2022 Review Telugu

This is me nikhil from nikhil tech in telugu signing off scenario thanks for watching bye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCaygMcvuOA