New Fiat 500 electric in-depth review: another great-value EV!

I should know i bought one, but being popular doesnt necessarily mean its the best i should know i bought one now, the old one, which is one that ive got, was first around in 2007 and was is starting to feel a little bit long in the tooth. But now weve got a new […]

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ EV LIVE!

Weve got this crazy new setup. Let us know if it all works out and looks good. This is cadillacs new. All electric vehicle were, i think, the first people in canada yeah first ones in canada, to check this out and we are at the cadillac live studio, and this is where you can […]

They Tried to Shut Me Down for Telling the Truth About This Electric Car

Since 2017., the bolt had been americas first mass marketed and celebrated electric car victory over tesla. So what was the problem? There were several reports of rare, yet critical fires that sparked when the ev was left charging overnight. The cause was lithium ion battery cells inside the car today were digging deeper into. […]

2022 Pure EV ETrance Neo Upgrade Version Real-life Review | 120 kms Range | Ex-showroom – ₹ 84,000 |

I see the aimless i dont wan na, be one of the nameless. I might wake up with the mindset that one day im gon na make it and i dont think ill. Be fine if i dont break my limitations, dont try to stop me. I exist to remember your story ill make a […]

2023 GMC Hummer EV // Hands-on with the Crazy *1,000 hp* Electric Hummer!

This is, of course, the reincarnated hummer e b. So now, underneath of the gmc nameplate, we have another hummer back from the dead and totally different from the outgoing one. As far as whats powering it like. I said it is full electric, as you probably know, instead of a big gas hog v8 […]

2022 BMW iX Specs || REVIEW

The x x, drive 50 benefits from all wheel, drive and accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.6. Seconds range is estimated at 475 kilometers, a full charge takes a little more than 11 hours when using level 2 power 240 v, thanks to the 11 kilowatt on board charger, when plugged […]

MG ZS EV Customer Review| Electric Car in India 2022| EV24 India

I am krishna tina mandela, 24 hours on evie duty, and today we have the owner of mgjd cv, madame chandana with us. Firstly, thanks for coming with the ev24 india channel. This is my first question to you. You are the queue. Imagine that you are the queen, will you consider mg jedis as […]

Toyota Shows What Its New EV Pickup Truck Could Look Like – Review Toyota Tacoma EV 2024

An all electric version of the toyota helix is nearing and heres. The proof toyota has shown off its pickup ev concept, which gives a glimpse of an upcoming electric youth that looks set to form the foundations of an ev helix. The battery electric ute is one of about 15 new evs toyota plans […]

2021 Kia Soul EV (e-Soul) Review – Is The US Missing Out?

My name is andrei im, one of inside evs, european editors and behind me is the electric car that kia wanted to sell in the us, but then decided against it. Probably thinking that the ev6 would it would fill the niche in its range. I am, of course, talking about the kia soul ev […]

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Review, Pricing, and Features | New Auto&Vehicles EV

In particular. Hyundai did not call the 2022 santa cruz a pickup, but introduced it as a sport. Adventure vehicle, as expected, hyundai santa cruz, will be produced at the montgomery alabama usa factory in june this year. The reason hyundai did not introduce the 2022 santa cruz as a pickup truck is because this […]