What's an electric car like to drive? / Electrifying

We know that electric cars deliver zero emissions while youre driving and help reduce air pollution. We also know that they have less moving parts to go wrong, but what a lot of prospective owners dont always realize is that electric cars are incredibly easy to drive and great fun too ill start with the […]

Volkswagen ID. 4 1st Edition EV Review: Drive, Tech, Charging & Range!

The reason being is hes asked me to do a truck tv video on the vw id4 first edition reason being this is actually my company vehicle. So ive been driving it now, since uh may last year, so a solid nine months and who better to kind of give a bit of a perspective […]

Roadtest: 2022 MG ZS EV 'Trophy Connect' Review

Welcome to the channel today were looking at this rather handsome mg, zs eev. So first things first lets take a look around now when sean threw me to say chris. Can i have a look at mg zsev? I had a quick look online and i looked and i thought uh that is not […]

Affordable 800V IONIQ 3 & EV4 Leads 16 New Upcoming EVs from Hyundai Kia and Genesis!

After all, with a countless type of evs in all sizes and shapes, it would be easy to lose track of all the models. We will break down the vehicle information according to the type estimated price and availability date. Also, it would make sense to plan ahead since taking delivery of evs can take […]

BMW i4 2022 – FULL in-depth REVIEW (exterior, interior & Features) | Best SUV 2022

The new bmw i4 combines convincing e drive performance with a new digital experience in bold grand coupe design. The front obviously centers around the bmw. Kidney, but on this electric powerhouse it comes in the shape of an intelligent panel. The kidney holds sensory technology underneath the stylish design and the blue highlights mark […]

2022 Tesla Model Y Review – They Improved THIS Issue!

. I love driving new evs and giving my thoughts as well as helping new or potentially soon to be electric vehicle owners. If this interests, you at all, please consider subscribing additionally im looking to add a second eb to our household in the model. Why is a candidate for that without further delay? […]

Pure Ev Etrance Neo Ownership review in Telugu | Price | mileage |

I see the aimless i dont wan na – be one of the nameless. I might wake up with the mindset that one day im gon na make it and i dont think ill be fine. If i dont break my limitations, dont try to stop me. I exist to remember your story ill make […]

ElectraMeccanica SOLO Test Drive and Review!

We are in scottsdale arizona at electra mechanica, doing a test drive over solo, which weve just completed so were going to go over that im going to show you the the drive that we did were going to go through the cockpit and show you whats there and Whats, not there um, pretty interesting […]

Hummer EV & Sierra Denali Ultimate 2022 Review (Chicago Auto Show Debut)

Show 2022. Follow me: Music heres, the ford bronco indoor test track. They also have an ev experience test track, which is pretty cool. The incredible subaru national park display is just spectacular and it even snows Music. So if you remember the hummers of yesteryear, they have that very signature. Look in the front […]

Electric Vehicle ETF! ASX: DRIV – Full Review – BetaShares 2022 EV Megatrend

Overall, if you guys are new here, my name is felix. This channel is about finance and investing before we begin. This video is not financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor lets jump into it, so asx drive basically gives us exposure to the leading global innovators in automotive technology, and the objective of […]