2022 Mazda MX30 EV Review / Mazda's First Electric vehicle

So who is it for and should you even consider buying an electric vehicle with that short over range? Well, why dont we go for a drive and try and answer those questions Music under the hood of the mazda mx 30. You will not find a trunk or frunk like how you would in […]

Rivian R1T electric pick-up preview – The first EV built for adventure? / Electrifying

As you know, though, i also really like cars with plugs. So can you imagine how excited? I am of the prospect of an electric pickup truck thats faster than a ferrari – Applause, Music Applause. This is the truly revolutionary rivieran r1 team. I dont think ive been as excited about a new vehicle, […]

The Truth About Electric Cars | 1200 Miles In An EV | Did We Even Make The Finish Line?

We cant go anywhere in this until we get something out of this box, so ill have to see what happens all right so were here at the starting lane for everos the eevee rally of scotland yeah this isnt working. Is it damn man flu? So what im trying to say is that evros […]

2021 Hyundai Kona Electric EV Full Review | Most affordable EV in Malaysia?

For the first two years now, going back to this car itself, theres actually three variants, which is light plus as well as max. Now. That also depends on the uh battery capacity of which well talk about later, and this car also has nine colors to choose. From of which, you can also choose […]

2021 Ford "Mustang" Mach-E Review / Worthy of the Mustang name?

First, you see to me a mustang is supposed to be a two door, sports or muscle car. Not an electric crossover like this 2021 ford, mach e now dont get me wrong. I am not pre. Judging this car, in fact, im actually pretty curious to see what its like to drive its just. […]

2021 TVS IQube Electric Scooter Telugu Review | TVS IQube Price | TVS IQube Top Speed | IQube Range

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2022 New car price in USA. Best electric cars , EV ,Plugin hybrid Best vehicles, Ford, GM ,KIA, AUDI

Dr soo lee oisoo filters content over and over skin color filter to hoon sang e. I o? U be owing node benson cuv, dj 4ex bub. U, 2 were so free report. Your boo refers to a tool for style mzuu, shout anatomy. Another on paper on hearing sent using concert. 2 1g export […]

Shocking Mazda Electric Mx-30 Review | SUV 2021

It doesnt really fit into most of the automotive classifications why it has the 4.4 meter footprint of a family suv. However, a closer look reveals that its appearance is more similar to that of a coupe suv going straight down. The plug in hybrid road appears to be a safe option for attracting shoppers, […]

The £8,000 Electric Car Taking China By Storm | Fully Charged

Jeep behind me is really really struggling. You cant get through the small caps that we can and thats thats why this car is ideal for the city Music. So you join me here today in the center of shanghai. In a place called the old town and you may notice its a little bit […]

3 Reasons Manitobans Should Own an EV

Every manitoban should own an electric vehicle. Manitoba is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the coming revolution in the electric vehicle industry ill show you not only why you want to own an electric vehicle as an individual, but how manitoba is one of the best places in the world to do so. Winnipeg […]