New Car Review: MG5 EV

No doubt the popularity of electric vehicles is increasing and the penetration on the irish market is getting better week upon week. However, criticism of electric vehicles is that theyre expensive and there isnt a huge amount of choice. Well, this is about to change with models like this. This is the mg5 and its […]


This characterful and unique dlo chrome trim emphasizes the gv60 as the most athletic youthful character in the range and is another gesture signaling that there are no rules or boundaries within the evening europe, but the gv60 goes much more than bring luxury driving to an eevee, offering Style, power and sustainability all in […]

Mercedes G-Class EV⚡is coming! Electric EQG Premiere PREVIEW

A lot of light playing around in the us also the illuminated star, will be allowed. You can see here the top hood still in black contrasting color. It looks kinda almost the same as the normal g class, but we see the electrified image, definitely also, for example, with illumination along the sides here […]

New Kia EV6 review: the best electric car in the world!

Now, in this video im going to tell you all about this car im going to actually use it to cook some food as well, which is a bit odd, obviously youre going to take it for a drive. Talk you through the exterior and the interior and im gon na launch it to see […]

Kia EV6 2021 in-depth review – Is this the electric car star of 2021? / Electrifying

The keys ive got an idea: oi cheers nikki now electrifying. We know that there is one car that has really captured your imagination in 2021, and it is this the kia, ev6 and guess what i got. The keys to this prototype im really very excited about driving this car, and what youre going […]

Tata Tigor EV – Most Detailed Walkaround Review | India's Most Affordable EV ?!

This is sriprajesh from srt tata avinashi road showroom in coimbatore. Today i am here with the brand new tata tigar ev top spec exit plus variant. The tigor ev officially is the most affordable electric car in india today, just like the nexon ev, it is based on the ziptron technology aiming to provide […]

Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo – 5 Ordinary Thing in an Extraordinary Electric Car

My name is derek reilly. Today we are looking at the porsche tycan, 4s crosstarismo, so lets get started Music. This video is in partnership with energia irelands greenest electricity supplier. They are the green energy provider award winners at the 2019 and 2020 green energy awards Music. What were going to do is because […]

New Tata Tigor EV Electric Car in Detail

Thank you so much for joining us today. At tata motors, it has been our sincere and now long standing belief that the future of personal mobility is electric. The super success of our nexon ev, which today commands nearly 70 share of the rapidly growing market for electric vehicles, best exemplifies this evs, are […]

Why does this EV exist?

You see its only just arrived in australia, but its soon to be replaced by the new kia ev6, and then it comes up against some pretty stiff competition. Like the tesla model 3, which is cheaper, faster and objectively cooler, but the neuro ev is about the most practical suv ev that you can […]

Kia EV6 review & First drive – IONIQ 5, move over!

3 EV6 IONIQ 5 IONIQ K8 IONIQ 5 IONIQ 5 Meridian K8 Bose Versus Kia, Meridian frunk, frunk, IONIQ, 5 2000 LED SUV, CUV IONIQ, 5 EV6 IONIQ 5 EV6 LED Continental Cross Contact 255 45 20 EV6 GT NGSN. Grin Shift EcoNormal Sport ICE. I PEDAL i PEDAL e tron EV6 IONIQ 5 EV6 […]