Charging தேவையில்லை Unlimited Kilometer Range | Bounce Infinity Electric Scooter | Review

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Skoda Enyaq IV: Unboxing Our New Long Term Electric Car

We have a new addition to the fleet and it is the skoda eniac iv iv by the way stands for intelligent vehicle. Now were going to be running this car as a long termer were going to keep it for about. Six months or so, why well very good question. The reason is because […]

Which goes further? Kia EV6 v Volkswagen ID4 convoy comparison review – 77kWh family electric cars

So both these cars are kind of cross over family vehicles, with 77 kilo hours of usable battery capacity, and what weve got to do this afternoon is drive home. So weve got about 140 mile journey where were driving convoy and compare exactly how the efficiency and usable capacities of these batteries compare whats […]

2022 Mazda MX-30 Review | Mazda's 1st EV! Is it enough?

They have to borrow the cx 30, as well as the mazda 3s platform, and were going to see some of the disadvantages inside. Unlike the nissan leaf or the volkswagen id series, those are electric cars from the base up and because of that, theres more room on the inside theres, more range, well, […]

MG ZS EV 2022 in-depth review – Can it get any better? / Electrifying (4K)

So this is a pretty big jump and at 28.5 000 pounds in the uk after the governments, 2 500 pound plug in car grant. It looks like proper value for money, but is the new zs eevee more cheap than cheerful lets find out Music right now? Im not going to beat around the […]

A fully ELECTRIC Volkswagen Golf MK2 1991?! 4K Driving Review | EV Powered

I am only 25 years old, so this car is a little bit before my time, but my dad assures me that, back in the day, this car was the absolute bees knees and, to be honest, i can see why this is the epitome of a cool car And it looks absolutely amazing, in […]

Modern Electric Cars Featuring Removable Battery Packs (Review of Fast-Swap Stations)

However, many ev startups do not share the conviction of the american visionary and already have some working prototypes in this video. We will show you those electric cars that support lightning fast swaps of the energy modules plus well demonstrate universal stations with the cutting edge battery exchange solutions, support the electric revolution by […]

Best Garage Heater – Use EV Charger Outlet – Review, Test and Options

It is the new air, g56 240 volt portable electric heater. There are actually a number of heaters that im guessing are made by the same manufacturer, but have different names slapped on them, so you know pick one so thats it video over done all right. So this is a quick review and test […]

Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric 2021 Review

, A small SUV that will knock over zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 4.9 seconds, which is way faster than the Benz EQA 250.. But is there more to this car than just performance Lets? Take a closer look., Music, Conventional petrol and diesel variants of the XC40 have been on sale in […]

Mercedes EQA 250 | Review

It will be followed by a number of all electric cars, such as the s class inspired eqs saloon. The eqs will shortly be followed by the eqb which slots into the mercedes eq range above the entry level eqa and below the larger mid range eqc next up in 2022, well also see the […]