TIME TO GO ELECTRIC! Tata Tigor EV Review – Autoportal

If you want a spare part for your vehicle, they have it in their list. They have the most extensive spare parts catalog right from the most affordable small car. To the top of the line luxury car, you name the car and they have the spare parts for it. And the best point is […]

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 | POV Test Drive & Review | (ENG) Are Hyundai on a Roll?

, thanks to brian at fitzpatricks hyundai kildare town, for giving us the ionic for a few hours. The ioniq 5s exterior proportions are deceiving. It looks like a standard hatchback sized car, but it actually is more like a crossover in disguise for context its the same size as a range rover evoke. It […]

Ford Leaving India – இந்தியாவில் ஃபோர்டு வாகன உற்பத்தி ஆலைகள் மூடல்!

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Porsche Taycan RWD Review. Can it convert me to Electric cars?

Spec rear wheel, drive porsche tycoon. It is not a video about liam neeson. I dont know who you are. I dont know what you want if youre looking for driving ability. I can tell you i dont have much, but what i do have are a very mediocre set of skills that make me […]

2022 NISSAN ARIYA EV Powerful Electric Crossover

In 20 months, we kicked off the summer of 2020, with the reveal of the all new nissan aria. Electric crossover followed by the new rogue z, proto armada, kicks and, most recently the new frontier and pathfinder today its my pleasure. To give you a closer look at the exciting aria. Nissan has long […]

EV Crossover Shootout Part II | 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range – Review

It is teslas jacked up model 3 for those who need more room inside a bigger trunk and slightly more ground clearance. The exterior design is like a model 3 that was born with an unfortunate case of a vacuum pump because it looks like its head is a bit extended upwards. The front still […]

Toyota BZ4X Concept Previews RAV4 Sized 2022 EV Crossover Detailed Review

Yet, at the same time, precise and high tech, or maybe is an experience which looks forward to an era where sensors are more important than the traditional radiator grille. The weather combination of those sensors, the headlights and aerodynamic elements into a hammerhead type form give the vehicle a whole new attitude and presence. […]

New Skoda Enyaq iV in-depth review: better than a VW ID.4?

And that is exactly what weve got here. This new skoda, enyak iv, is pretty identical under the skin to something like a volkswagen id4 or an audi q4 e tron. It even shares those cars 300 plus mile range. So the question is: why should you pick a skoda over an audi or a […]

VW ID Life – 20,000 $ Volkswagen EV that shows the Small Electric VW ID2 or VW ID1

Like a suv, so this one 58 kilowatt hour battery means four kilometers or 250 miles of range. You know the id3 is available also with a bigger battery, but since this one is a smaller car, it can reach the similar figures. Then, with a smaller battery – and you can see here – […]

Ioniq 5 review after 2,944 Km in Korea, driving Kia EV 6 4WD GT long range on 21.09.15 (questions?)

Your encouragement and questions help me to investigate experience and find answers to share with all of you. This was filmed july 22nd of 2021. It was my first impression on ionic 5 and in that video i said, i would need to drive about 1 000 kilometers after driving, uh six different ionic fives, […]