The Velfire VR Pioneer Car Review

So lets start on our expedition to review. It lets see the pickup of this car lets see. Okay, we can see its not so good, but it is something its zero to 16 3.4 seconds. Oh, the brakes ah offered Music come on come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah were back […]

Nissan Note (2014) | Car Review

The first nissan note was released in 2006.. This car is very economical, its perfect for small families, city commutes and for first time, car buyers that are on the budget. The nissan note is no bar on the road you will enjoy driving this car. The note is a conventional hatchback, but it is […]

2021 Subaru Ascent review // Often overlooked SUV!

But i think a lot of people are going to be surprised because the ascent isnt always top of mind so lets get in. Have a look around well andrea were in the subaru ascent, i think its one of those vehicles. A lot of people dont know exists and were going to get into […]

Anda Sukakan KELAJUAN? SUV Jepun yang tepat untuk anda | Car Review: Pembedahan Mazda CX-5 2.5 L

5, liter, turbo, practical, ok, its a typical design of mazda malalu design, language, mazda, kodo design, nampa pati, seko, haiwan, minerka, mang, senya ketagika. Its more on mirror is on the door, not on the window until aerodynamic. Okay, this is secreting and its plastic exclusive. Hmm, i slightly smaller in its class um. […]

Here's Why The 2022 NISSAN TERRA VL AT 4×2 is the Best Terra Variant! | Car Review

If youre, my subscriber already well sit back, relax and enjoy the show after you click that, like button, also special thanks to nissan pasik for providing the nissan terra to do this review. If you are within the area, and you have a need for any nissan head on down there to their showroom […]

all-new Opel Astra REVIEW Vauxhall Astra 2022 Ultimate vs GS-Line

Basically, one stormtrooper trim and also you can get the opel logo in black for a more sinister look. The lamps more integrated led as standard optional and matrix led, which you can also see right here now or pixel light as opal calls it 84 single led per side each. This is the ultimate […]

NEW Vauxhall Astra walkaround – best family car yet? | What Car?

Tell you a bit about the electric version thats on the way, but before all that make sure youre subscribed to our channel. If you want to see lots more new car reviews and reveals just like this and go to for a great deal on your next car, there have been big changes […]

Mercedes GLA 2021 Car Review

Family hatchbase crossover ought to be from the stuttgart brand. Thorough engineering borrowed from the mercedes. A class means that theres plenty to like beyond the badge primary selling points focusing upon quality and efficiency. The wide range includes everything from shopping versions to a plug in hybrid, an off road, capable diesel derivative and […]

Asphalt 9 | Venom F5 | Review & Comparison | Flying Car | Best Car of Asphalt | Manual Runs

So, as we know, this car is almost more towards the incline towards the manual drivers, maybe because of the reasons of a unless nitro or maybe even manual. Players will not like that. Much nitro, okay, but still as we have got this car and this car is having an amazing top speed and […]

Audi A3 Sportback 2020 review | i3 car finance

We look at here, audis a3 sportback. That might well come to mind true to the brands. Vorsprung duck technique philosophy. This model once again aims to set fresh standards incorporating a completely digitalized interior and cutting edge, infotainment plus, more unique light signatures, powerful engines and a suite of innovative assistance systems enveloped in […]