Hyundai Kona Electric Facelift 2021 Review: Cheapest UK EV with 300-mile range | WhichEV

Since we last reviewed the car a few months ago. The biggest changes are at the front where, before you could still see the vestiges of the konas fossil fuel heritage in a front grille. This now has been entirely smoothed out to make a much more streamlined. Look. The side lights are subtly different […]

I Just Bought an Electric Vehicle (Goodbye Celica)

With all this talk about electric cars, i couldnt help myself, so i got three electric bicycles. These are the three winners ive been trying out: various electric bicycles and then their price range. These are the ones that i really like, although i have to say the last one to step through was from […]

Nissan Leaf EV – New Car Review | Cort Vehicle Contracts

It goes further not only in terms of powered up range, but also in its efforts to bring new levels of space, comfort and technology to the full electric part of the family hatchback segment. In short, its a sophisticated statement of just how far battery powered cars have come, whatever your opinion on ev […]

VW ID Life – 20,000 $ Volkswagen EV that shows the Small Electric VW ID2 or VW ID1

Like a suv, so this one 58 kilowatt hour battery means four kilometers or 250 miles of range. You know the id3 is available also with a bigger battery, but since this one is a smaller car, it can reach the similar figures. Then, with a smaller battery – and you can see here – […]

The 2022 Dacia Spring EV Review

Looking for an urban electric hatchback, the car is an ideal juncture of maneuverability, robust design and optimum comfort, making it suitable for both in city and interstate trips. The car is a result of 10 years of expertise from group renault, which has delivered some promising results in the past. This high tech, all […]

EV Review: 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 |

Its powered up, didnt have to touch an engine start button and getting out and exiting is just the reverse, so put it in the park and just get out and walk away. Im justin pritchard. This is the volkswagen id4. This is an electric car. This particular unit is actually pretty special because it […]

New Kia EV6 First Look Review: Everything You Want In An Electric Car

Thats coming out its available to buy from now, i believe and if youre looking for something thats got longer range, looks beautiful and stylish and full of technology and gadgets. Then absolutely this is one for you to consider and actually watch this video. But before we do that, though, if this is your […]

2020 Tesla Model 3 Review & Test Drive – The Entry Level EV Revolution?

com today, im going to be reviewing the 2020 tesla model, 3. Music, so Music, technically. The fourth model in the tesla lineup is oddly enough name. The model 3.. The tesla model 3 is the worlds best selling plug in electric vehicle ever with more than 800 000 units delivered as of december 2020.. […]

What makes EV tires different, and why should you fit them! 🔌

They have a lot more torque from zero rpm, which produces more strain for the tyres, theyre, quieter, theres, no drivetrain noise, which means you hear more of whats going on in the cabin and perhaps most importantly, the overall energy efficiency of the package is critical. Thanks to a battery taking far longer to […]

2021 Tata Tigor EV Review – Better Than Tigor Petrol? | MotorBeam

This is the tigor ev and in case you feel youve seen this before. Well, yes, the previous generation was called the express tev and was only available to fleet operators and government purchases. However, this is solely aimed at the private buyer. There are lots of changes in and out lets find out. Music. […]