MG ZS EV Update Review | The UK’s Best Value EV Just Got Even Better 💯⚡

What weve got here is a facelift of a car that was launched in 2018., so ill. Give you some links to that video. If you want a more detailed review, then this is going to be just of the update. Basically, all right lets crack off the main change with the 2021 mg. Zv […]

NEW Cupra Born vs VW ID.3 review – what's the best small electric car? | What Car?

But is it thats what were going to find out in this review, but before we start for a great deal on your next car, go to and make sure youre subscribed to our channel to see all of our other new car reviews lets start by reminding Ourselves what the id3s interior is […]

Cupra Born 2022 Review: Cupra's new EV is Born to be wild

If you will, if youre a bit of an enthusiast and you like a striking hot hatch style of car, having said that, the koopa is, of course, the sportier offshoot brand from seat and the bourne does have exactly the same batteries as the volkswagen id3 and it Doesnt get any more power either, […]

2022 Kia EV6 detailed walkaround review

And this is kias version of that. And it is a huge departure for kia from the rest of the kia range. Its called the ev6 pricing, for this is still yet to be confirmed for australia. But we do know that its going to arrive in early 2022 and today were checking out this […]

The 2022 Porsche GTS Sport Turismo EV Is Performance Anyone Can Live With (Well… Those With Money)

Free electric performance can be a truly beautiful thing. Wow. I really need to get me one of these in the porsche universe. Gts is the ambassador between road and track. It goes from street to circuit with ease sure 5 000 pounds of steel, glass, plastic and battery can be felt in hard corners, […]

2022 MG ZS EV Mk 2 Complete Guide

5 kilowatt battery and a range of up to 163 miles. This really was the start of what ng could achieve using electricity now in 2021, mg have brought out the mgzs ev mark ii. This features a 72.6 kilowatt battery and a range of up to 270 miles and in the city situation that […]

All New Korean Cars Upcoming 2022 – 2023! New Sonata, New Santa Fe (IONIQ 7), New Sorento (EV7)!

Electric cars hyundai still has to fulfill developing the conventional ice models for a large part of the population that still relies on fossil fuel vehicles for 2022 and 2023. There will be plenty of face lifts as well as full changes that their current ice models will be put through in midst of the […]

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Level 2 Smart Charger Unboxing Installation & Features Review

Actually, its halloween happy halloween, but we just got our wall box. Pulsar plus were gon na. Show you how to install it, but first lets do some unboxing, so over here is whats in the box. Realizing. I shouldnt have maybe done this in the tailgate since its going to bang my head 20 […]

12 Newest Electric Crossover Cars for the Future Lineups of 2022-2023

This creates a deceptive impression that sedans have regained their popularity while in reality, today, model y outsells, its smaller sibling by 40 percent and other car makers exclusively choose crossover, suvs as the key body style and the development of all uvs. We have already lost count of how many of those were recently […]

Dacia Spring Electric 2022 – FULL Review in 4K | Exterior – Interior (Cheapest EV, but…)

This is a fully electric car from dacha and its also the cheapest electric car. So this is a different spec theres, this silver speck with orange contrasting details all over internet. So i decided to film this one with some blue details, but really it doesnt matter now its an interesting car, yes, its […]