The New 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Is The Best EV You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!

Today, you join me just north of Atlanta, Georgia for the first drive opportunity with this. The brand new genesis, gv70 EV its a 2023 model year, and this is our first chance to actually get behind the wheel. So lets take a look at everything that makes this gv70ev unique and see how it […]

The first ELECTRIC microcar in NYC: Wink Motors review

They arent full cars, yet theyre a lot closer to them than a golf cart. Thanks to features like electric windows, air conditioning, three point, seat belts, Etc, there arent very many of this class of vehicle in the US, at least not yet, but thats changing and quickly. Hey everyone Micah here with electric […]

Kinetic Green Zoom Ev Showroom Enquiry Full review @ e bikes

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2023 Genesis Electrified GV70: Best Luxury SUV | First Drive Review

While some individuals might want their electric vehicles to stand out and differentiate themselves from the pack, Genesis expects its buyers to want to fly their Eevee Flags a bit more under the radar. Besides Genesis, cars are quite attractive, so why mess with a good thing, electrified gv70 models are powered by two electric […]

Level 2 EV Smart Charger with WiFi – Full Review – Fast Charge!

Youre gon na find it in this really nice case. It is a nice case and it actually looks really quality made. So Im already impressed lets open this up and see whats in there, and this is what it comes with so again, some other things that they dont normally come with. So if […]

xuv400 EV || Mahindra xuv400 EV review || 2023 || Electric Vehicle || xuv 500. xuv 300, jeep

Electric xuv400 is very similar to the xuv300. The car is longer than the xuv300, offering better boot space and more room for the battery pack. The use of copper color signifies that it is electric vehicle, the Mahindra logo and accents on the front are finished in Copper. The headlights are projector units and […]

Pure EV – ETrance NEO – Affordable Electric Scooter Walkaround, Features & Review

Today we will have a short walk walk around about this scooter. The model is new e trans. To start with well start with the headlight, we get an LED headlamp here with high beam and low beam. You get a DRL integrated in the indicators. Here you can see its a nice fiber finish […]

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT Review

This things got some pretty nice features to it. Electric blue metallic. They get uh machine face rim on this bad boy. We got our charging port right up front here. This is where you charge the thing illuminated: charger plate and thats, where you plug in. If you come around to this side, weve […]

Kia Niro 2023 – Review (Electric, Limited, Hybrid, Design, Price in 2023)

The Nero offers stylish looks a practical cabin and an attainable starting price that should help more buyers Park, a hybrid at home heres. What we know about the second generation 2023 Kia Niro EV, but before we get into the details, as always wed like to remind you theres, an interesting bonus fact for […]

2023 Kia Niro PHEV& Niro EV Review / Good as an EV, Better as a PHEV

A year later we got the electric version of the Kia Niro and in 2023 we have the second generation of the Kia Niro still available as a hybrid plug in hybrid and an EV. So is this new generation just as affordable as the previous one and how much better is it than the […]