VW ID BUZZ: The Best Electric Car? 2023 Review

This is a fully electric multi person vehicle that was inspired by the classic VW campers, but theres so much more to this EV than its retro design and its funky colors Im Charlie Atkinson, and welcome to Evie powers, review of the VW ID Buzz Music. Thank you. Music retro is still cool Music […]

Electric Vehicle(EV) Share ₹58 | Wardwizard Innovations share latest reviews..

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Ohio Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars in America

This woman joined Mueller, they got an electric car and they found out they had cold weather, nearly wrecked their 2500 mile Adventure. They went from Michigan to Florida and back the whole thing was about 2500 miles. They planned it excessively, where theyre going to stop, where theyre going to go, where theres Electrify […]

2023 Kia Soul EV – Review (GT Line, LX, EX, Price in 2023)

The 2023 Kia Souls number two ranking is based on its score within the Sub Compact SUVs category lets find out what the specifications of this amazing SUV are, but before we do just a reminder that, as always, we have a fun bonus fact for you towards the End of this video so stay […]

2023 MG4 Trophy Sport LR 64kWh | Sgcarmart Reviews

. However, this is the first car that is built on a dedicated, EV platform.. So you could say that mechanically, this is a recipe for future MG models.. So lets go. Take a closer look at this MG4. Now before we carry on with the review. If you are thinking of trading in your […]

Tata Magic Iris Ev 2023 Price, Mileage Tata Magic Iris EV 4 Seater – सिर्फ़ Rs.100 में चलेगी 100 KM

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I've changed my mind – BMW i4 review (Real world range test)

Some of you may be aware that when I do these car reviews, often or not, especially if its a new model, I get a very, very short amount of time with the car and often I do fall victim to jump into conclusions. I think we all do that. Sometimes we have these preconceptions […]

Camaro Owner Reviews My Mustang Mach-E!

Im here again with my buddy Adam, you might remember him. Weve done several videos between my cars and his cars, and today is the first time youre driving an EV right yep so were were in my 2022 Mustang Maki. Also, as you guys might recall, hes a Camaro guy. So no, although we […]

2024 Lexus RZ 450e EV Review: Luxury Meets Performance!!!!!

The 2024 Lexus rz450e Lexus IS stepping up its EV gain with the RZ 450e. A stylish crossover that shares a platform with the Toyota bz4x and the Subaru soltera, with its Sleek exterior design, luxurious interior and impressive performance. The 2024 Lexus rz450e is an exciting new EV thats worth taking a closer look […]

Affordable Electric Scooter | Ampere Primus Review | EV Bro

So in this video we will see the complete review of Amber ampere primer selected scooter, but before that we already made a tested review of ampere primary celebrity scooter and a walk around video. If you want to see the performance of this electric scooter and how is the test ride experience even in […]