Is the price right? 2023 Kia Niro electric car review: S EV | New Hyundai Kona Electric rival tested

Its Rivals are the mg Zs EV and the Hyundai Kona electric stay watching to see how its performed after a week of driving it with my family through the Nero OS, is the base model and will cost you around 65 000 before on road costs, which makes It five thousand dollars dearer than […]

2023 Jetour Ice Cream EV First Drive

This one right beside me is the jet tour ice cream, EV electric vehicle in case you dont, know what that means in this tiny car right here can do over 170 kilometers of range in a single charge. So this is perfect for your daily runabouts, for your in Village go rounds in case […]

2023 Microlino EV City Car Vintage-Style Charm in a Tiny Package

S cars like the original Mini the Fiat 500 and the smart were successful all over the globe, but aggressive safety rules and electrification have made them bigger and heavier. The latest smart is almost 170 inches long and weighs over four thousand pounds. Now there is a new player in the market focused on […]

Unleashing the Power of Electric Vehicles through the best EV charger 2023

The era of electric vehicles is here with more and more people making the switch to electric cars. The need for Reliable and efficient EV Chargers has never been more important, but not all EV Chargers are created. Equal today were going to take a look at some of the best EV Chargers on the […]

Top 10 electric cars to buy in the year 2023/2024 #electriccar #ev #tesla #cars #carreview

. Several major automakers have already announced their plans to expand their electric vehicle lineups, with some planning to offer all electric and hybrid models of their entire lineup.. Additionally, there are new entrants to the market with new start ups and tech companies that are introducing their own electric vehicles, which is helping in […]

MG Cyberster – Return of the Legend 2 Seater Sports Car and now All-Electric

MG Cyberster – Return of the Legend 2 Seater Sports Car and now All-Electric

Cyberstar two seater Roadster, all electric starting off with a rear wheel, drive the stunning red. What were going to do is have a quick walk around the outside. Have a look at the inside, give you as much details as we have today so stay tuned Music. Here we are in London, as I […]

#EV CARS IN INDIA 🌱 FULL DETAILED REVIEW IN TAMIL 💥 #evcar #evcars #bydatto3 #rjcustomscars

Okay, we generally customize camera quality, Music, open, sunroof, Ness Music. So in the price segment, it comes under uh 35.85 price segment; logo; okay, the price theyre having this much future; this much quality and rear space; okay, Music.

The Electric Car Honda Should Have Made All Along?

Of course um following on from the Honda e, and they think that it will be a young familys, perfect first foray into the world of electric vehicles, so were here to see. Well, does this have what it takes to compete in that space, and especially when its entering a little bit late to […]

Pion Power 40A EV Charger Review (120V, 240V, Level 1-2, Wifi APP EVSE, J1772, 14-50, 5-15, Flex-AC)

This EV charger supports level 1 and level 2 Charging and also supports an app and on this video Ill walk you through its features, as well as the different accessories that come with it, and, as always Id like to remind you that I place a link in The description down below to this […]

Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron – 1st Look

We already have the Eton GT First Impressions, video on the channel, then weve got this beautiful Audi Grand sphere concept like absolutely stunning, like look how air all this thing is real Cruiser pan European pan content Windows timer for mirrors, you absolutely stunning, really really nice. I would be bad just Aluminator there. […]