Review:Mobius 2 car made in Kenya// Mobius Motors

I really really really appreciate you welcome feel at home away from home. This is a channel where i serve sugar, spice and everything. Nice lifestyle travel cooking, anything nice name them go sip i give it all. I serve it all so today, im feeling like i want to discuss a certain kenyan brand, […]

The MG 5 is one of the best-value electric cars on sale today and here's why | Complete Car review

A lot of electric cars on the market are suvs and you know theyre expensive. 40. 50. 60. 000. Euro were looking at here is an electric state, its not 50 000 euro, its not 40 000 euro. The mg5 starts at under 30 000 euro youve, probably not heard of the mg5 mg, has […]


So all these hot wheels Music. This is almost same with this one. Okay, okay, you know the name, then you say um so which one you know the name and then Music, Music, one you can to open: okay, Music, Music, uh, one two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight: nine ten eleven twelve […]

Funny outfit and car review

I got and i got some deroxes i can sell. I got fifty nine thousand right now sounds good, go, sell one director and ill be set for Applause, quite a funny outfit. So whenever i get the money and get to a shop or a store ill see you then so i needed the […]

Top Drives : JAPAN PRO TOUR FULL CAR LIST REVIEW | Best & Worst Cars Of The Update

Its been much anticipated weve waited a long time because there was a lot of delays and things on hutchs side. But finally, its here so lets talk about that in this video. But before we begin because there was a couple of server errors, i think, with the challenges weve actually been given two […]

Car Review|How to drive automatic car bangla|VLOG 2|How To Drive A Car|গাড়ি চালানো শিখুন ফুল কোর্স diangkat selera gue naik shorter than a Hai itu, BD juara sudah, itu orang majeure laga Arnold menarik sudah salat beneran, hehehe, banget oke break trik. Forex assures Salem Salem Hai dengan konsumen enggak nyalon ngomong ngomong udah, ngelon, banyak, Aamir Khan, HP, Mbak dan revolusi banget Hei, dagu sampai, The Mask eh Master […]

The Velfire VR Pioneer Car Review

So lets start on our expedition to review. It lets see the pickup of this car lets see. Okay, we can see its not so good, but it is something its zero to 16 3.4 seconds. Oh, the brakes ah offered Music come on come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah were back […]

Nissan Note (2014) | Car Review

The first nissan note was released in 2006.. This car is very economical, its perfect for small families, city commutes and for first time, car buyers that are on the budget. The nissan note is no bar on the road you will enjoy driving this car. The note is a conventional hatchback, but it is […]

2021 Subaru Ascent review // Often overlooked SUV!

But i think a lot of people are going to be surprised because the ascent isnt always top of mind so lets get in. Have a look around well andrea were in the subaru ascent, i think its one of those vehicles. A lot of people dont know exists and were going to get into […]

Anda Sukakan KELAJUAN? SUV Jepun yang tepat untuk anda | Car Review: Pembedahan Mazda CX-5 2.5 L

5, liter, turbo, practical, ok, its a typical design of mazda malalu design, language, mazda, kodo design, nampa pati, seko, haiwan, minerka, mang, senya ketagika. Its more on mirror is on the door, not on the window until aerodynamic. Okay, this is secreting and its plastic exclusive. Hmm, i slightly smaller in its class um. […]