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Do that? Okay, um! So morgans here hi she doesnt have a cast anymore, no cast so yeah, but the worst thing are. We like i like chevys, so i have like all these chevy cars here so well, theyre, not all chevy. Some of them are dodges. I, like i like dodges, but so […]

Disney Cars Rich Hurry Review

Robert jam jones on guitar pam, wheeled arrow on drums and rich on slide guitar. Now the slide guitar is not an instrument. Im very familiar with, but i will say i think, its very appropriate for a pity in a country band its very cool, its basically like, like a keyboard, but instead of […]

2 year review of my Cheap Portable 12v Car Fridge (Alpicool CF55 & CF45-LG) Long Term Review!

Is it a go Music good afternoon, everybody today were going to get into the long term review of the apple cool cf 55 ive had this now for two years, almost exactly to the date, and i also have some friends who have the apple cool, cf, 45. Lg version and were going to […]

2021 TVS Apache RR310 BTO review – Lean on | First Ride | Autocar India

These sporty updates come as optional extras, which well get to soon. The actual upgrades for 2021 are relatively small, and these include a new wave key design, a slightly reworked exhaust system and some new features for the bluetooth enabled tft display. The tft now gets a new daytrip meter, the ability to store […]

The New Top 1 Free Car? Review Purple Flame Armour 【QQ Speed Mobile】

This is actually a skin, you can see the red and blue is a skin. The original is this, and this car is called purple flame armor, so without and with the skin, its not purple anymore, but its called purple flame, armor and uh. What was it called again? Uh the characteristic every time […]

CLASSIC CAR REVIEW – 1979 VW Bay window camper – THE SUNFLOWER

2 aka, the sunflower? Yes folks! This is a 1979 volkswagen type, 2 t2 bay window bus, and it has been in the same ownership for the last 20 years and is kind of prolific in irish vw, air cooled circles. So um ive seen it around quite a bit im friends with the owner. […]

Verde Shock + Blu Aegeus || 2 x Lamborghini Huracan EVO Car Review

This week we have a special double episode for you. We have not one but two lamborghini huracan evo all wheel drives to review Music so over the last four years or so weve had the pleasure of working on approximately 70 lamborghini huracans uh. In that time, weve worked on everything from your 610s […]

Seat Leon 2020 review | i3 car finance

Also, some fresh new electrified engine options and the car now has access to more sophisticated drive systems and additional safety tech. If youd been overlooking this spanish contender, it now deserves a second glance. What, if you could take everything thats good about the drive dynamics of a volkswagen golf, the superb ride, the […]

dubizzle car review; 2021 Range Rover Westminster Edition

Im going to show you the 2021 ranger vogue westminster edition Music for over 40 years, land rover and range rover have been setting the benchmark for the luxurious suv and, as the time goes on, theyve only got more and more luxurious, including this one. Here. This is the 2021 range over vogue westminster […]

Hyundai i20 N Line Driven! POLO GTക് ഒരു എതിരാളി! Hyundai's Driver's Car Detailed Review- AyeAuto

Wireless charging, uh cooling, powered wireless charging system in air, purifier, airbags, abs, with ebd electronic stability control, uh vehicle stability management heel, assist control, otherwise uh tire pressure, monitoring system, uh, all Music Music claimed in the 0 to 109.