MJJC Foam Cannon Pro review. Car Detailing 🚗 💦

If youre new here my name is jeff, and this is jeff reviews for you. I review a whole lot of products. I specialize in reviewing as seen on tv items every once in a while. I do a little bit of a diy just because i like to if that interests you. I would […]

LEGO REVIEW – Comparing Modular Car builds from 2013-2021 | #LEGO #LEGOREVIEW

Cinema set number 10232. This set was released in 2013., so before this set, the only other modular that included a car was fibrograde in 2009 and in my opinion i think more modulars need these. Sidecar builds when you look at police station that we got this year. Where is the 1950s styled police […]

2010 BMW 1 Series Review – A Brilliant Car That Could Leave You Bankrupt?

They further released this three door, hatchback famously known as the e81 and although bmw had created a hatchback with rear wheel drive which, at the time was unheard of and had excellent handling characteristics. It wasnt the most reliable car ever anyway heres my review Music. Well, first off i want to give a […]


Today is gon na be another one of my awesome reviews today with an awesome setup included. This is clovis ryder. Now there has been a whole line of heyday races. Now i have not gone haydee. Louise nash, who im not even sure if theyve released, yet they they have released already a heyday […]

Car review S1 E7 caterham seven

One episode: seven, i believe it is today we are going to be doing the ktm7 now ive kind of wanted to do this for a while, but ive kind of been pulling it off because i dont know if i wanted to continue doing car review. But i know that i am so yeah […]

Mattel Disney cars review Racing Red Dinoco Cruz Rameriz (2021 Racing red series)

So this is case k. I accidentally said l. This is case k of 2021 with dewey come on and rich hurry. I did not actually find her. My dad did when he was at work and he found richard Music, but he thought i had her. So i think you got to do it, […]

I’m Getting Arrested for Telling You This

Some of the custom features and the latest cutting edge technologies well see some of the coolest and fastest police cars in the world and well also debunk some common myths along the way so buckle up and lets get going. You know how, in the movies, a cop will leave his police car unattended […]

Unboxing & Review Sally Carreira Disney Pixar Cars Die Cast (Shoope)

A eu tive que trocar e com, vocs podem ver aqui eu comprei esse carro aqui d; certo que um carro muito muito muito bacana como, vocs, podem virar muito muito lindinha, eu recomendo, demais, vocs compararem a srie para coleo de vocs, Caso vocs, no tenham porque era; Uma personagem muito importante, a namorada, […]

Car Review. Free Guy

Time were doing a proper one. This time promise im jordan. This is a beach yeah trying to get its probably not good. Sorry, i was trying to uh. So today we are reviewing free guy. We know that shang chi was released, then that will be coming out soon, but we just havent seen […]

DOMETIC CFX3 Car Fridge – First Impression & Review (why I almost returned it..)

I just had to get out of there, but i found a spot with a little bit of shade, so were gon na get our first impression of this thing and basically guys. So i did a lot a lot of research on these fridges and um. I wanted to get a good one, because […]