BEST NEW EV? 2022 Kia EV6 GT Line Review

All electric hatchback suv, ish thing, which is pretty much a clone of the ioniq 5 from hyundai, with a bunch of different things. Many worse yeah, so lets start with the looks. That is the biggest factor that changes it from the ionic and it looks worse in my opinion to me, it looks […]

New Kia EV6 in-depth review: a spaceship on four wheels?

I love that the term sporty electric car feels like quite a weird label, doesnt it because theyre all sporty. Really i mean the electric motors instant talk means they just fly off the line, as demonstrated by the tesla model s when they did that scarcely believable not to 60. In two seconds i […]


This is the electric version, with 10 000 pounds of towing capacity. Now, when ford came out with a lightning truck and of course, you got rivian out there and the hummer well, they had to now bring this to the silverado theres, some really nice details with this vehicle. The first thing you want […]

Toyota bZ4x – 1st Look Inside & Out

My name is derek reilly. Today we are at the nada, which is the national automotive automobile dealer association conference in las vegas and im on the toyota of america stand, and we have the bz 4x or the bz4x as they call it were going to start off with the front, and you Have […]

2022 Kia First Electric Truck Review – Featuring 0-60 times!

To give you a first impression on this long term tester, you can also check out the 0 60 times at the end, so stay tuned guys so first impression on the road. It just feels very awkward. It feels like im not driving a pickup, usually pickup here in korea is powered by diesel […]

All-New 2023 Nissan Ariya – Full Review! (Amazing EV SUV)

Look at the all new nissan aria. The new aria is the result of nissans numerous years in leading ev expertise, and it embodies a perfect balance between dynamic beauty and the future of technology, delivering timeless japanese futurism and it results in a smooth, capable and thrilling ride. The arya we have on site […]

2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric Review | Wheels Australia

One of the things i like about electric cars is well. They accelerate well, because electric motors have all of their torque from xero. You dont have to wait for the revs to build up and and find the power. So let me demonstrate by getting to 100 in that time. This thing does it […]

New MG ZS EV review (2022): Still the best budget electric SUV? | TotallyEV

The model that we have on review is actually the trophy connect, long range that can be found for 34 000 pounds. So, throughout this review, we can comparing the different trim levels that the automaker offers and, furthermore, how it compares to some of its modern rivals. So to kick things off lets talk […]

Hyundai Ioniq 5 2022 Review – Is it REALLY the best EV? 4K Driving Review

Music. The first thing to talk about when it comes to this car is how it looks its been out for a little while now, but still even on the way over here. You can still see people turning heads and noticing it, because it is a really interesting. Looking car its based off of […]

Jaguar I-PACE Black Edition Review | Best Luxury EV? ⚡

Four years later, however, the eevee landscape has completely changed, and the i pace has a growing list of rivals to compete with. This includes the audi e tron ford, mustang mackie, mercedes uqc and volvo xc40 recharge to name a few. In light of increased competition. Jaguar has updated the i pace for 2022, […]