Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS review | Skoda's 300bhp electric car

First, look at the skoda, enyak coupe in rs guys this is the one 300 brake horsepower dual motors tons and tons of spec. Even for the irish market, heat pump, standard glass, roof standard, blind spot standard heads up reality, augmented reality, not standard, but most of the stuff is you can get matrix. […]

A masterclass in fresh thinking | 2022 Kia EV6 Review

California then come back here if youre serious about buying this car or just want to know what an ev is really like in the winter, its 20 degrees here, im cold, the car is cold. My crew has icicles right now, but youre going to see kia like never before. This is honestly one […]

2022 Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge EV CKD, First Look – AutoBuzz

They expect all of their cars to be fully electric here and theyve kick started. The effort here in malaysia, with the launch of the xc40 recharge, fully electric crossover model and while im fortunate theres no pricing yet, but with that being said, let me just take you around the car to show you […]

The New Kia EV2 and EV3 are now the most affordable Kia EVs! Part of the 14 model EV lineup!

At the event, kia announced its aggressive new evie plan to release up to 14 ev models by the year 2027, which is up from 11 models, as announced last year at the same investor day presentation. This new plan includes introducing at least two models a year until 2027 and is to include eight […]

New 2022 Peugeot e-Rifter electric family car review – DrivingElectric

But shortly after that review, we called for a need for more great value. Evs evs that you us and everyone else can afford cars that dont scrimp on range kit or space. So could the new peugeot e rifter be one of those cars lets find out? We wont beat about the bush. The […]

Nio ET7: China's BEST EVER EV!

If theres, one brand, which strikes fear into the heart of luxury legacy, that brand is neo and this year, theyre really going for the jugular, because theyre taking on the likes of mercedes, benz, bmw and audi in their home market. With this the 87 their first ever saloon, i think this is possibly […]

Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor 2022 Review

With this the pole, star, 2., the question is: does it lead the ev pack or will it get lost in the wilderness to find out like the video subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment with your thoughts down below Music polstar used to specialise in Creating high performance volvos, but since […]

Nissan Terra 2022 Family SUV Review

Nissan first introduced the model back in 2018 with it having the same platform as the navara platform, notably nissan had a perfect base to create what is one of the more comfortable ladder frame vehicles out in the market today, thanks to a rear, multi link, suspension setup, The new nissan terra features a […]

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Review / Retro-Futuristic Styling with Substance

. So is this one good enough to take on Tesla and other EVs Lets go for a drive and find out.. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is available with either a single motor rear, wheel, drive or dual motor all wheel, drive, powertrain and a standard range or long range. Battery pack.. This particular demo […]

All New 2022 MG ZSEV | Full electric car with Internet Inside | First in depth Review|

Today we are here for the launch of our new jdcv electric car from maurice garages, indias first pure electric suv with internet inside the new jdcv width, headlamp hawkeye led headlamp and drl led drl, and this is the electric grille. With mg logo and the charging port is here, you can press it […]